Octopus definition

Octopus means the contactless smart card ticketing system in Hong Kong known as “Octopus” (or any replacement for such system);

Examples of Octopus in a sentence

  • Octopus and demersal fishes have been targeted by Japanese, then by Spanish, Korean and Chinese vessels.

  • If the Octopus Holder uses the Octopus after any amendment to this Agreement shall have taken effect, that amendment shall be deemed to have been accepted by the AAVS Account Holder and the Octopus Holder.

  • We shall notify the AAVS Account Holder and the Octopus Holder by giving them written notice of the change(s) or, as we shall at our absolute discretion determine, by publishing a notice of the change(s) in one Chinese and one English language newspaper in Hong Kong, at least 30 days before such amendments are to take effect.

  • We shall provide the AAVS Account Holder and/or the Octopus Holder with a copy of the latest version of this Agreement upon written request.

  • Octopus has been overexploited since the mid 1980s, which induced a decrease in cephalopod landings from a maximum of 55,000 to presently about 35,000 t.Catches of coastal Scianidae reached their maximum in the 1990s and are now decreasing too.

  • Where an Octopus already has or used to have AAVS linked to it, there is a non-refundable handling fee of HK$20 charged for transferring the AAVS from one financial institution to another, or reactivation of AAVS following suspension or cancellation.

  • We shall be entitled to instruct the Financial Institution directly or through anyfinancial institution appointed by us to transfer from the AAVS Account to Our Account the amount of money stated by us to be due from the AAVS Account Holder and the Octopus Holder to us at any time, and the AAVS Account Holder shall authorise the Financial Institution to comply with such instructions.

  • Roof gardens: history, design and construction (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., c1999).Oudolf, Piet, Designing with plants (Conran Octopus Ltd, 2009).Ruby, Andreas, and Ruby, Ilka, Groundscapes.

  • He is an independent non- executive director of China COSCO Holdings Company Limited, Shangri-La Asia Limited, Esprit Holdings Limited, Octopus Cards Limited, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and JF China Region Fund, Inc.

  • Octopus Holder under the Ordinance.avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Agreement shall affect the rights of any permitted assignee or transferee of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Octopus

Octopus means Octopus Gas Inc., a company incorporated in Liberia and has its registered office at 00 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx;
Octopus means the Octopus card or product issued or to be issued by the Company to the Holder, including the Personalised Octopus and, where applicable, the anonymous Octopus.
Octopus means a stored value card or product issued by OCL pursuant to the Conditions;
Octopus refers to Octopus Investments Limited; - "Website" means XxxxxxxXxxx.xxx; and

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