NSH definition

NSH means New Sunward Holding B.V.

Examples of NSH in a sentence

  • In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, we issued 75,520,240 shares of our common stock to NSH as consideration for the Assets.

  • As a result of the transaction, NSH acquired 88.62% of our issued and outstanding shares of common stock; NSC and NS Global became our wholly-owned subsidiaries, and we changed our principal business to a global shrimp farming company.

  • In the five years prior to the formation of NSH, Mr. Easterling was Chairman of the Board of Excel Vending Companies.

  • Awards under the 2006 LTIP can include NSH unit options, performance awards, DER, restricted units, phantom units, unit grants and unit appreciation rights.

  • Under the terms of the option agreements, the Company can choose to acquire either or both ACG and NSH (“call options”), in exchange for the issuance of an additional 33 million and 49.5 million of the Company’s shares, respectively.

More Definitions of NSH

NSH means NuStar GP Holdings, LLC;
NSH has the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereto.
NSH shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Recital Fifth hereof.