Non-Widely Observed Holiday definition

Non-Widely Observed Holiday means Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day and Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Day.
Non-Widely Observed Holiday means Veteran's Day, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Day, and President's Day.
Non-Widely Observed Holiday means Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Day, and President's Day. "Offshore Locations" means [ * ].

Examples of Non-Widely Observed Holiday in a sentence

  • The parties agree that during those months within the Interim Period in which there is a Non-Widely Observed Holiday (i.e. October, 2003, November, 2003, January, 2004 and February, 2004), [ * ].

  • In particular, identify outputs and entities along the impact pathway to which these will be “handed off” for further adaptive research and dissemination.

  • The parties agree that during those months within the Interim Period in which there is a Non-Widely Observed Holiday (i.e. October, 2004 and November, 2004), [ * ].

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Non-Widely Observed Holiday means Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day. “Offshore Locations” means [ * ]

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  • Weekday means Monday – Friday.

  • Statutory Holiday means New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day; and

  • public holiday means any day other than Saturday or Sunday on which the banks in the City of London are not open for business;

  • Unscheduled Holiday means that a day is not a Valuation Business Day and the market was not aware of such fact (by means of a public announcement or by reference to other publicly available information) until a time later than 9:00 a.m. local time in Buenos Aires two Valuation Business Days prior to the scheduled Valuation Date;

  • Religious holy day means a holy day observed by a religion whose places of worship are exempt from property taxation under Section 11.20, Tax Code.

  • General Holiday means every Sunday and any other day which is a

  • Legal Holidays has the meaning specified in Section 1.14.

  • Legal Holiday means a Saturday, a Sunday or a day on which banking institutions in the City of New York or at a place of payment are authorized by law, regulation or executive order to remain closed. If a payment date is a Legal Holiday at a place of payment, payment may be made at that place on the next succeeding day that is not a Legal Holiday, and no interest shall accrue on such payment for the intervening period.

  • SOFR Business Day means any day except for (i) a Saturday, (ii) a Sunday or (iii) a day on which the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association recommends that the fixed income departments of its members be closed for the entire day for purposes of trading in United States government securities.

  • non-business day means Saturday, Sunday and any other day that is a holiday as defined in the Interpretation Act (Canada);

  • RFR Business Day means as applicable, for any Obligations, interest, fees, commissions or other amounts denominated in, or calculated with respect to (i) Sterling, a day on which banks are open for general business in London and (ii) Euro, a TARGET Day.

  • Holiday means the twenty-four (24) hour period commencing at 0001 hours of a day designated as a paid holiday in this Agreement.

  • Public Holidays means those days declared as public holidays in accordance with the Holidays Act 1983.

  • TARGET2 Business Day means, a day in which the Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer (TARGET2) System or any successor is open.

  • Applicable Market Value has the meaning specified in Section 5.1.

  • Afternoon shift means any shift finishing after 6.00pm and at or before midnight.

  • CSD Business Day means a day on which the Book-Entry Securities System is open in accordance with the regulations of the CSD.

  • Non-working Day means any day upon which an employee, pursuant to the terms of the contract of employment, is not available to the employer for the purposes of rostering the ordinary hours of work.

  • Bank Holiday means any day that is specified or proclaimed as a bank holiday, pursuant to section 1 of the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971;

  • Exchange Business Day means any Scheduled Trading Day on which the Exchange and each Related Exchange are open for trading during their respective regular trading sessions, notwithstanding any such Exchange or Related Exchange closing prior to its Scheduled Closing Time.

  • Index Business Day means, in respect of an Index, any day on which the Index Sponsor in respect of such Index is scheduled to publish the level of the Index.

  • NERC Holidays means a holiday as defined by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation or any successor thereto.

  • Three-Month Term SOFR Conventions means any determination, decision or election with respect to any technical, administrative or operational matter (including with respect to the manner and timing of the publication of Three-Month Term SOFR, or changes to the definition of “Floating Interest Period”, timing and frequency of determining Three-Month Term SOFR with respect to each Floating Interest Period and making payments of interest, rounding of amounts or tenors, and other administrative matters) that the Company decides may be appropriate to reflect the use of Three-Month Term SOFR as the Benchmark in a manner substantially consistent with market practice (or, if the Company decides that adoption of any portion of such market practice is not administratively feasible or if the Company determines that no market practice for the use of Three-Month Term SOFR exists, in such other manner as the Company determines is reasonably necessary).

  • Excluded Day shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.1(b).

  • General Business Day means a day on which commercial banks are open for general business (including dealings in foreign exchange and foreign currency deposits).

  • Periodic Term SOFR Determination Day has the meaning specified in the definition of “Term SOFR”.