Non-Physical Property Damage definition

Non-Physical Property Damage means damage to, or the loss or destruction of tangible property, including all resulting loss of use of that property, or loss of use of tangible property that has not been physically injured; provided, however, Non-Physical Property Damage does not mean the corruption or deletion of Digital Assets.

Related to Non-Physical Property Damage

  • Property damage means physical injury to, destruction of, or loss of use of tangible property.

  • Severe property damage means substantial physical damage to property, damage to the treatment facilities which would cause them to become inoperable, or substantial and permanent loss of natural resources which can reasonably be expected to occur in the absence of a bypass. Severe property damage does not mean economic loss caused by delays in production.

  • Environmental Damage means any injury or damage to persons, living organisms or property (including offence to man’s senses) or any pollution or impairment of the environment resulting from the discharge, emission, escape or migration of any substance, energy, noise or vibration;

  • Damage to Property means physical injury to or destruction of tangible property, including the loss of its use. Tangible property includes the cost of recreating or replacing stocks, bonds, deeds, mortgages, bank deposits and similar instruments, but does not include the value represented by such instruments.

  • Structural damage means a covered building, regardless of the date of its construction, has experienced the following.

  • Accidental Bodily Injury means an Injury sustained as the result of an Accident and independently of all other causes by an outside traumatic event or due to exposure to the elements.

  • Physical Damage means any tangible injury to a Property, whether caused by accident, natural occurrence, or any other reason, including damage caused by defects in construction, land subsidence, earth movement or slippage, fire, flood, earthquake, riot, vandalism or any Environmental Condition.

  • Major Damage means damage that in the estimation of the surveyor exceeds USD

  • Substantial bodily injury means "bodily injury which involves (A) a temporary but substantial disfigurement; or (B) a temporary but substantial loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member, organ, or mental faculty." See 18 U.S.C. § 113(b)(1).

  • Serious physical injury means physical injury which creates a substantial risk of death or which causes serious and prolonged disfigurement, prolonged impairment of health, or prolonged loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ;

  • Serious bodily injury means bodily injury which involves a substantial risk of death, extreme physical pain, protracted obvious disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ or mental faculty.

  • Premises Partial Damage means damage or destruction to the improvements on the Premises, other than Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations, the repair cost of which damage or destruction is less than 50% of the then Replacement Cost of the Premises immediately prior to such damage or destruction, excluding from such calculation the value of the land and Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations.

  • Catastrophic Damage as used hereunder is major change or damage to In- cluded Timber on Sale Area, to Sale Area, to access to Sale Area, or a combination thereof:

  • Physical Property has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Delivery” above.

  • Material Damage and “Materially damaged” means damage (w) resulting in the Property not complying with all legal requirements applicable to the Property, (x) reasonably exceeding $300,000 or (y) that entitles any tenant of the Property to terminate its Lease, or (z) which, in Buyer’s or Seller’s reasonable estimation, will take longer than 120 days to repair.

  • Bodily injury means bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time.

  • Premises Building Partial Damage shall herein mean damage or destruction to the building of which the Premises are a part to the extent that the cost of repair is less than 50% of the then replacement cost of such building as a whole.

  • Direct Damage has the meaning given to it in clause 26.2;

  • Catastrophic illness or injury means one of the following:

  • Potential geologic hazard area means an area that:

  • Loss or Damage means any loss or damage to the Vehicle, including that caused by theft of the Vehicle or by adverse weather events, that requires repair or replacement including the loss of use of the Vehicle (demurrage), legal expenses, assessment fees, towing and recovery costs, storage, service charges and any appraisal fees of the Vehicle;

  • Environmental Contamination means the introduction or presence of Hazardous Materials at such levels, quantities or location, or of such form or character, as to constitute a violation of federal, state or local laws or regulations, and present a material risk under federal, state or local laws and regulations that the Premises will not be available or usable for the purposes contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Special form radioactive material means radioactive material that satisfies the following conditions:

  • Environmental Damages means all claims, judgments, damages, losses, penalties, fines, liabilities, encumbrances, liens, costs and expenses of investigation and defense of any claim, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees, that are incurred at any time as a result of the existence of Environmental Conditions upon, about or beneath the Project Site or migrating or threatening to migrate to or from the Site, and including, without limitation:

  • Substantial damage means damage of any origin sustained by a structure whereby the cost of restoring the structure to its before damaged condition would equal or exceed 50 percent of the market value of the structure before the damage occurred.