Non-Lead Operating Advisor definition

Non-Lead Operating Advisor means the “trust advisor”, “operating advisor” or other analogous term under any Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.
Non-Lead Operating Advisor means the Note A-2 Operating Advisor, the Note A-3 Operating Advisor, as the case may be.
Non-Lead Operating Advisor means the “operating advisor” under a Non-Lead Servicing Agreement.

More Definitions of Non-Lead Operating Advisor

Non-Lead Operating Advisor means the “trust advisor,” “operating advisor” or such other analogous term under a Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement. “Non-Lead Securitization” shall mean any Securitization of a Securitization-Eligible Note other than the Lead Securitization Note.

Related to Non-Lead Operating Advisor

  • Operating Advisor means the operating advisor appointed as provided in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Property Manager means an entity that has been retained to perform and carry out at one or more of the Properties property-management services, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property, the costs for which are passed through to and ultimately paid by the tenant at such Property.

  • Non-Lead Special Servicer means the “special servicer” under any Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Non-Lead Sponsor means the Note A-2 Holder in its capacity as the sponsor with respect to the Non-Lead Securitization Note in connection with the Non-Lead Securitization.

  • Alliance Manager has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Non-Lead Asset Representations Reviewer means the party acting as “asset representations reviewer” (within the meaning of Item 1101(m) of Regulation AB) under a Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.

  • Non-Lead Servicer means any Non-Lead Master Servicer or Non-Lead Special Servicer, as the context may require.