Nodelocked License definition

Nodelocked License means a license tied to a specific computer based on that computer's Host ID.
Nodelocked License means a license, supplied to you in the form of a License File, that allows you to install and use the Software only on the computer specified in the Nodelocked License File.

Examples of Nodelocked License in a sentence

  • Node-locked License A Node-locked License means a license to use the Software on a specified computer.

  • A Node-locked License means a license to use the Software on a specified computer.

  • In a design technology class skilled pupils supported those new to the subject, whilst in a tutor group pupils prepared for an examination by revising in very supportive pairs.

  • Setting Up the Fixed (Node-locked) License 54Setting Up the Networkable (Floating) License 57Setting Up the Transportable (USB Key) License 63Important PLTS License Notes: 65Step 3.

  • Sys info (to be completed by Cesium Software): ................………………………………………………………………………… License type: (Licensee to select the desired License Type) Demo | Evaluation | Nodelocked License period: (Licensee to select the license period) Period: Perpetual | End date:……………………..

  • A Node-locked License may only be used by one Authorized User at a time running one instance of the Software at a time.

  • On embedded cameras with preinstalled Software the Nodelocked License is preinstalled too.

  • However, if you purchase an annual subscription under a Node-locked License of Katalon Runtime Engine, then any User may convert the use for a particular Machine to Offline Mode.

  • If Licensee acquires a Node-locked License, installation and use of the Software will be limited to a single Licensee Computer running a single instance of the Software.

  • Node-locked License: a license to the Software limited to use on the single computer owned, leased or otherwise controlled by Licensee on which the Software is initially installed and for which a license key has been issued.

Related to Nodelocked License

  • Excluded License means an open source or other software license that requires, as a condition of license, use, modification, distribution or conveyance, that (a) the code be disclosed or distributed in source code form; (b) others have the right to modify or create derivative works of it; and/or (c) the code becomes redistributable at no charge.

  • Inbound Licenses means, collectively, any Contract (including covenants not to xxx) or other permission pursuant to which Seller is authorized or otherwise permitted to access or exploit any other Person’s IP, or any Contract pursuant to which Seller obtains a right to access or exploit a Person’s IP in the form of commercially available object code software or services, such as a software as a services Contract or a cloud services Contract.

  • Software License means a license for the Software granted under this XXXX to the Licensee;

  • CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee Rate With respect to each Mortgage Loan, a rate equal to 0.0005% per annum.

  • CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee With respect to each Mortgage Loan (including any REO Mortgage Loan) and for any Distribution Date, the amount accrued during the related Interest Accrual Period at the CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee Rate on, in the case of the initial Distribution Date, the Cut-Off Date Balance of such Mortgage Loan and, in the case of any subsequent Distribution Date, the Stated Principal Balance of such Mortgage Loan as of the close of business on the Distribution Date in the related Interest Accrual Period; provided that such amounts shall be computed for the same period and on the same interest accrual basis respecting which any related interest payment due or deemed due on the related Mortgage Loan is computed and shall be prorated for partial periods. For the avoidance of doubt, the CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee shall be payable from the Lower-Tier REMIC.

  • Open Source License means any license meeting the Open Source Definition (as promulgated by the Open Source Initiative) or the Free Software Definition (as promulgated by the Free Software Foundation), or any substantially similar license, including any license approved by the Open Source Initiative or any Creative Commons License. “Open Source Licenses” shall include Copyleft Licenses.

  • Lapsed license “permit,” or “registration” means a license, permit, or registration that a person has failed to renew as required or the license, permit, or registration of a person who failed to meet stated obligations for renewal within a stated time. A person whose license, permit, or registration has lapsed continues to hold the privilege of licensure or registration in Iowa, but may not practice dentistry, dental hygiene, or dental assisting until the license, permit, or registration is reinstated.

  • Permitted License means any non-exclusive license of patent rights of Borrower or its Subsidiaries so long as all such Permitted Licenses are granted to third parties in the Ordinary Course of Business, do not result in a legal transfer of title to the licensed property, and have been granted in exchange for fair consideration.

  • Intellectual Property License Agreement means the license of Intellectual Property by and between Weyerhaeuser and Newco substantially in the form attached as Exhibit B.

  • Third Party License means licenses from third parties governing third party software embedded or used in the Trading Platform.

  • Software License Agreement means the particular Software License Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions are attached and incorporated into by reference.

  • Intellectual Property License means any license, sublicense, right, covenant, non-assertion, permission, immunity, consent, release or waiver under or with respect to any Intellectual Property Rights or Technology.

  • Restricted License is any material license or other agreement with respect to which Borrower is the licensee (a) that prohibits or otherwise restricts Borrower from granting a security interest in Borrower’s interest in such license or agreement or any other property, or (b) for which a default under or termination of could interfere with the Bank’s right to sell any Collateral.

  • Sub-License means the sub-licensing of any space in the Station Development Assets and Project Utilities in the Station Development Project, by the Station Facility Manager to any licensee, in accordance with the Station Facility Management Agreement;

  • End User License means any license terms imposed by any Third Party Vendor on Customers and End Users. “Force Majeure Event” means an event or occurrence:

  • Permitted Licenses are (A) licenses of over-the-counter software that is commercially available to the public, and (B) non-exclusive and exclusive licenses for the use of the Intellectual Property of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries entered into in the ordinary course of business, provided, that, with respect to each such license described in clause (B), (i) no Event of Default has occurred or is continuing at the time of such license; (ii) the license constitutes an arms-length transaction, the terms of which, on their face, do not provide for a sale or assignment of any Intellectual Property and do not restrict the ability of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, as applicable, to pledge, grant a security interest in or lien on, or assign or otherwise Transfer any Intellectual Property; (iii) in the case of any exclusive license, (x) Borrower delivers ten (10) days’ prior written notice and a brief summary of the terms of the proposed license to Collateral Agent and the Lenders and delivers to Collateral Agent and the Lenders copies of the final executed licensing documents in connection with the exclusive license promptly upon consummation thereof, and (y) any such license could not result in a legal transfer of title of the licensed property but may be exclusive in respects other than territory and may be exclusive as to territory only as to discrete geographical areas outside of the United States; and (iv) all upfront payments, royalties, milestone payments or other proceeds arising from the licensing agreement that are payable to Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries are paid to a Deposit Account that is governed by a Control Agreement.

  • Company Licensed Intellectual Property means Intellectual Property Rights owned by any Person (other than a Group Company) that is licensed to any Group Company.

  • Copyleft License means any license that requires, as a condition of use, modification and/or distribution of software subject to such license, that such software subject to such license, or other software incorporated into, derived from, or used or distributed with such software subject to such license (i) in the case of software, be made available or distributed in a form other than binary (e.g., source code form), (ii) be licensed for the purpose of preparing derivative works, (iii) be licensed under terms that allow the Company’s or any Subsidiary of the Company’s products or portions thereof or interfaces therefor to be reverse engineered, reverse assembled or disassembled (other than by operation of Law) or (iv) be redistributable at no license fee. Copyleft Licenses include the GNU General Public License, the GNU Lesser General Public License, the Mozilla Public License, the Common Development and Distribution License, the Eclipse Public License and all Creative Commons “sharealike” licenses.

  • Affiliated Licensee Assignment The Broker has assigned (Selling Licensee) to work with Purchaser and (Listing Licensee) to work with Seller. Each shall be deemed to act for and represent exclusively the party to whom each has been assigned. Transaction Brokerage Disclosure Seller and Purchaser are aware that if they are not represented by a Broker they are each solely responsible for protecting their own interests. Seller and Purchaser acknowledge that the Broker may perform ministerial acts for either party as a Transaction Broker. Selling Broker’s Initials Purchaser’s Initials: / (or Broker’s Affiliated Licensee)

  • End User License Agreement means a license grant or end user license agreement governing software as further described in this Agreement or any applicable Appendix.

  • Encumbered license means a license that a physical therapy licensing board has limited in any way.

  • Resort license means a license issued in accordance with Chapter 5, Retail License Act, and Chapter 8, Resort License Act.

  • License Key means a unique key-code that enables Licensee to run Software subject to the obtained User Pack.

  • Site License means for each product, the term “Site License” shall mean the license established upon acquisition of the applicable number of copies of such product and payment of the applicable license fees as set forth in the Statement of Work.

  • IP License means all Contractual Obligations (and all related IP Ancillary Rights), whether written or oral, granting any right, title and interest in or relating to any Intellectual Property.

  • Licensed Intellectual Property means Intellectual Property licensed to the Company pursuant to the Company IP Agreements.