MW definition

MW means megawatt.
MW means megawatts.
MW means megawatt of capacity.

Examples of MW in a sentence

  • Energy Storage MW are power plant equivalent dispatchable resource, including supply and load capability.

  • Hatch, E.M. & Hetzer, M.W. Nuclear envelope rupture is induced by actin-based nucleus confinement.

  • A project company project will be incorporated.A tender for a first tranche of 125 MW will be launched during the second quarter of 2011 for commissioning in 2014.

  • Kraftvärmeverk större än 130 MW, små kraftvärmeverk och vindkraftverk på cirka 5 MW är kopplade till ett elenergisystem som kallas ”Янтарьэнерго” (Jantarenergo).

  • Vargas, J.D., Hatch, E.M., Anderson, D.J. & Hetzer, M.W. Transient nuclear envelope rupturing during interphase in human cancer cells.

More Definitions of MW

MW means megawatt;
MW means a megawatt.
MW means Megawatts.
MW means a megawatt (1,000,000 watts) of electric capacity or power output.
MW means MegaWatts.
MW means megawatt. “MWh” means megawatt hour.