Mother tongue definition

Mother tongue means one's first or primary language; "NGO" means non-governmental organisation
Mother tongue means the language first learned in childhood by persons in any area of Canada and still understood by them as ascertained by the decennial census taken immediately preceding the date on which the prepackaged product referred to in subsection (3) is sold to the consumer; (langue maternelle)

Examples of Mother tongue in a sentence

  • Language ability:a) Mother tongue b) Language/s used in Primary and Secondary school c) Other language/s of which nominee has a working knowledge d) Language/s to be used in proposed fellowship prorgamme 7.

  • Please attach your CV (if requested by Receiving Institution) Student’s Language Skills10 Mother tongue: Please indicate your language skills other than mother tongue: 1.

  • Mother tongue English speakers will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of a second EU language.

  • Mother tongue would enable the children to express themselves effectively and clearly.

  • Declaration of the Candidate for the respective Linguistic / Religious Minority Community or Leaving Certificate having information pertaining to Religion / Mother tongue.

  • Common errors in pronunciation (Mother tongue influence, how to improve pronunciation)2.

  • The head of the Commission, former Justice Landau, was the same Justice Landau who presided over the court in the Eichmann trial, the same Justice Landau who, as Arendt noted, had “led his colleagues to use their German Mother tongue with Eichmann.”103 Again, The Battle of Algiers provides an illuminating illustration of what’s at stake.

  • Mother tongue instruction mostly occurs in bilingual education settings in formal education both in primary and upper secondary schools.

  • It is anticipated that the latter of these two options will usually apply.

  • Mother tongue: first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual at the time of the census.

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