Modular definition

Modular means a residence that is constructed at a manufacturing facility, but not constructed on a permanent chassis, and is transportable in one or more sections on an independent chassis such as a truck or train.
Modular means an FBB.
Modular means an a type of FBB built in a factory and transported in three-dimensional sections to an installation site.

Examples of Modular in a sentence

  • Furniture classifications include but not limited to: Cafeteria, Dormitory, Library Shelving and Library Related, Lounge, Systems (Modular), School (Classroom), Freestanding, Seating, Filing Systems and Equipment, and Technology Support.

  • Description: Modular sealing element unit, designed for field assembly, to fill annular space between pipe and sleeve.

  • Description: Modular sealing device, designed for field assembly, to fill annular space between sleeve and raceway or cable.

  • Description: Modular sealing-element unit, designed for field assembly, for filling annular space between piping and sleeve.

  • Item 5: Systems Furniture (Modular) • A complete and comprehensive catalog of all systems furniture, including modular work stations, lines and accessories.

More Definitions of Modular

Modular means that the encoding format is defined by isolating every MAL data type and declaration context and specifying the encoding format for each of them;
Modular means a home that does not have an axle or metal framework that is built in sections and assembled on site.
Modular. ’ means reducing the
Modular means reducing the complexity of a larger problem by breaking it down into small well defined pieces. For example, MITA business architecture reduced the complexity of the Medicaid program into eight high-level business areas. Each business
Modular means that the reactor is mostly constructed within a factory, with only limited assembly of factory-fabricatedmodules” at the site of the power plant itself. Each module represents
Modular means, in analogy to prefabricated houses, that many components – even the reactor core itself