MNRE definition

MNRE means the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the Government of India;
MNRE means the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy;

Examples of MNRE in a sentence

  • According to MNRE (2008), working paper on “Renewable Energy in India: Progress, Vision and Strategy” explained the renewable energy programmes, research and development, technology adoption, implementation, policy and budgetary support in India.

  • They should provide IEC certificate of SPV Module & Inverter and test report from authorized test centre of MNRE, GoI.

  • The PCU’s should be tested from the MNRE approved test centers' / NABL /BIS accredited testing- calibration laboratories.

  • TESTING;Test certificates/reports for the BOS items/components can be from any of the NABL/IEC Accredited Testing Laboratories or MNRE approved test centers.

  • The Bio CNG is used to power automobiles with the same efficiency as CNG derived using fossil fuels and is marketed and sold under the name AgroGas.Project Details:Table 55: Details of Primover Engineering Plant Source: Akshay Urja, MNRE, December 2016 Edition Production process:The biomass is fed into a single-stage reactor which is converted to biogas using a Primove patented process.

More Definitions of MNRE

MNRE means Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, a Central Government Ministry responsible to develop and deploy new and renewable energy for supplementary energy requirement of the country.
MNRE means Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, GoI;
MNRE means Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
MNRE means the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. “Monthly Charge” shall have the meaning set forth in ARTICLE 5. “MRI” shall mean Meter Reading Instrument.
MNRE means the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy of Eswatini; “Minimum Requirements” means the requirements of this RFQ process that anApplicant must meet in order for its Application to be deemed compliant by ESERA asset out in Section 6;