Midstream Operating definition

Midstream Operating has the meaning set forth in the Recitals to this Agreement.
Midstream Operating has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.

Examples of Midstream Operating in a sentence

  • The Seller owns 100% of the issued and outstanding equity interests in Chesapeake Midstream Operating, L.L.C. (the “Company”, and such equity interests, the “Units”).

  • The Company has no assets or liabilities and the Company has received no income or incurred any expenses since January 1, 2020 other than as a result of its ownership of Crimson Midstream Operating, LLC and its Subsidiaries and as reflected on the Company Financial Statements.

  • Xxxxxxxxx Title: President and Chief Executive Officer Sand Dollar Pipeline LLC By: Shell Midstream Operating LLC, its sole Member By: Shell Midstream Partners, L.P., sole Member of Shell Midstream Operating LLC By: Shell Midstream Partners GP LLC, its General Partner By: /s/ Xxxx X.

  • At each applicable Delivery Date, the General Partner will not own, directly or indirectly, any equity or long-term debt securities of any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, association or other entity, other than the Partnership, Midstream Operating, Antero Treatment and Antero Water.

  • Midstream Operating hereby accepts the Contributed Interest as a capital contribution.

  • Xxxxxxxxxx Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Exhibit A Form of Assignment Agreement [See Attached] ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT This ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT (this “Assignment Agreement”), dated as of May 27, 2015, is entered into by and among Acacia Natural Gas Corp I, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Acacia”), EnLink Midstream Partners, LP, a Delaware limited partnership (the “Partnership”), and EnLink Midstream Operating, LP, a Delaware limited partnership (“Operating”).

  • The Partnership does not own, directly or indirectly, any equity or long-term debt securities of any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, association or other entity, other than Midstream Operating, Antero Treatment, Antero Water, Finance Corp., the JV Entities or other entities that, in the aggregate would not constitute a significant subsidiary as such term is defined in Section 1.02(w) of Regulation S-X under the Securities Act.

  • SELLER: ARB OKLAHOMA HOLDINGS, LLC By: ARB Midstream Operating Company, LLC, its Sole Member By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxx Title: Chief Executive Officer BUYER: GULFMARK ENERGY, INC.

  • Notary Public Printed Name: My Commission Expires: Signature and Acknowledgment page to Assignment and Xxxx of Sale EnLink Midstream Operating, LP a Delaware limited partnership By: EnLink Midstream Operating GP, LLC, its general partner By: Name: Title: STATE OF [ ] § § COUNTY OF [ ] § This instrument was acknowledged before me on [ ], 2015, by [ ], [ ] of EnLink Midstream Operating GP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, on behalf of said limited liability company.

  • Notwithstanding any provisions of the PennTex Operating LLC Agreement to the contrary, the Partnership hereby grants, contributes, bargains, conveys, assigns, transfers, sets over and delivers to Midstream Operating, its successors and its assigns, for its and their own use forever, all right, title and interest in and to the Contributed Interest, as a capital contribution, free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, security interests, charges or other claims.

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Midstream Operating has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals. “MRD WHR” has the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble.
Midstream Operating means Antero Midstream LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. “Midstream Operating Credit Agreement” means that certain Credit Agreement, dated as of February 28, 2014 between Midstream Operating, the lenders party thereto from

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  • Railway Operation means the construction and operation under this Agreement of the relevant Railway and associated access roads and Additional Infrastructure (if any) within the relevant Railway Corridor and of the associated Lateral Access Roads, in accordance with approved proposals;

  • Operating Company has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Operating Area means those areas on-shore in India in which company or its affiliated company may from time to time be entitled to execute such services/operations.

  • MLP GP means any general partner of any MLP and any general partner of the general partner of any MLP.

  • economic operators means the manufacturer, the authorised representative, the importer and the distributor;

  • MLP has the meaning given such term in the introduction to this Agreement.

  • Partnership Group Member means any member of the Partnership Group.

  • Operating or "Operation" means to provide (or the provision of) all the operation, engineering, purchasing, repair, supervision, training, inspection, testing, protection, use, management, improvement, replacement, refurbishment, retirement, and maintenance activities associated with operating the Generating Facility in accordance with Prudent Electrical Practices.

  • Petroleum Operations means, as the context may require, Exploration Operations, Development Operations or Production Operations or any combination of two or more of such operations, including construction, operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities, plugging and abandonment of Xxxxx, safety, environmental protection, transportation, storage, sale or disposition of Petroleum to the Delivery Point, Site Restoration and any or all other incidental operations or activities as may be necessary.

  • economic operator means any natural or legal person or public entity or group of such persons and/or entities which offers the execution of works and/or a work, the supply of products or the provision of services on the market;

  • Midstream Assets means (i) assets used primarily for gathering, transmission, storage, processing or treatment of natural gas, natural gas liquids or other hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide and (ii) equity interests of any Person that has no substantial assets other than assets referred to in clause (i).

  • Operating Companies means, collectively, the Creekside Operating Company, the Mentone Operating Company and the Yucaipa Operating Company. “Operating Company” means any of the Operating Companies.

  • Partnership Group means the Partnership and its Subsidiaries treated as a single consolidated entity.

  • System Operations means the Power Producer's operation; maintenance and repair of the System performed in accordance the requirement herein.

  • Operating Partnership Agreement means the Fifth Amended and Restated Agreement of Limited Partnership of the Operating Partnership, as it may be amended, supplemented or restated from time to time.

  • GP means Gottbetter & Partners, LLP.

  • Operating Entities means, from time to time, the Persons in which the Holding Entities, directly or indirectly, hold interests and that (i) directly hold real estate assets, or (ii) indirectly hold real estate assets but all of the interests of which are not held, directly or indirectly, by the Holding Entities, other than, in the case of each of (i) and (ii), any Person in which the Holding Entities, directly or indirectly, hold interests for investment purposes only of less than 5% of the outstanding equity securities of that Person;

  • Network Operating Agreement means an executed agreement that contains the terms and conditions under which the Network Customer shall operate its facilities and the technical and operational matters associated with the implementation of Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III. Network Operating Committee:

  • Business operations means engaging in commerce in any form, including by acquiring, developing, maintaining, owning, selling, possessing, leasing, or operating equipment, facilities, personnel, products, services, personal property, real property, or any other apparatus of business or commerce.

  • Title V operating permit means a permit issued under Chapter 3745-77 of the Administrative Code.

  • economic resources means assets of every kind, whether tangible or intangible, movable or immovable, which are not funds, but may be used to obtain funds, goods or services;

  • Partnership Subsidiary means Host LP and any partnership, limited liability company, or other entity treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes in which either Host REIT or Host LP owns (or owned on or after January 1, 1999) an interest, either directly or through one or more other partnerships, limited liability companies or other entities treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes (whether or not Host REIT or Host LP has a controlling interest in, or otherwise has the ability to control or direct the operation of, such entity). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term “Partnership Subsidiary” shall not in any way be deemed to include the Non-Controlled Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, the Taxable REIT Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, or the Subsidiary REITs or subsidiaries thereof.

  • Farming operation means raising, cultivating, propagating, fattening, grazing, or any other farming, livestock, or aquacultural operation.