MD&A definition

MD&A means management’s discussion and analysis.
MD&A means management's discussion and analysis;
MD&A means a completed Form 51-102F1 Management’s Discussion & Analysis or, in the case of an SEC issuer, a completed Form 51-102F1 or management’s discussion and analysis prepared in accordance with Item 303 of Regulation S-K or item 303 of Regulation S-B under the 1934 Act;

Examples of MD&A in a sentence

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx XX County at: President Madison County Board of Supervisors 000 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Canton, MS 39046 with a copy to: Madison County Chancery Clerk 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Canton, MS 39046 MDA at: Mississippi Development Authority 000 Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx (39201) P.

  • By virtue of such approval, MDA agrees that the Company and the Project, together with all other FIL Participants, if any, are eligible for the Fee-in-Lieu granted herein and gives its statutorily-required final approval for the Fee-in-Lieu granted herein.

  • Pursuant to MCA §§ 27-31-104(4) and 00-00-000, this Agreement constitutes a binding obligation of each Party hereto (including any future governing boards of the Local Authority) upon execution of this Agreement by Parties and approval by MDA up to and through the FIL Term, and no application or approval under MCA § 00-00-000 is or shall be required.

  • In the event of any legal or equitable action arising from this Agreement, the Company shall provide, in the manner prescribed by Section 13.2, written notice of such action to the MDA.

  • Upon execution of this Agreement by the Taxing Authorities and the Company, the Certificate of Final Approval attached hereto as Exhibit “A” will be submitted to the MDA as provided in MCA § 27-31-104(3).

More Definitions of MD&A

MD&A has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 3.1(i);
MD&A means Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations. “MMBOE” means million barrels of oil equivalent.
MD&A means the Michigan department of agriculture.
MD&A means a management's discussion and analysis of the Company's financial condition and results of operation comparable to the discussion that is required to be included in periodic reports filed under the Exchange Act.
MD&A means the management's discussion and analysis of the financial and operating results of Pembina for the year ended December 31, 2020, an electronic copy of which is available on Pembina's profile on the SEDAR website at, in Pembina's annual report on Form 40-F filed on the EDGAR website at, or at;
MD&A means Chorus’ management’s discussion and analysis of results of operations and financial condition; "MRO" means maintenance, repair and overhaul;