Definition of Marine Terminals

Marine Terminals means Marine Terminals Incorporated, a Debtor.
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Examples of Marine Terminals in a sentence

Parties: Ports Baltimore, Inc.; Maryland International Terminals, Inc.; Mid-Atlantic Terminal LLC; Ceres Marine terminals, Inc.; Tartan Terminals, Inc.
Marine terminals at Cherry Point could serve a portion of the potential growth in Canadian marine cargo (Whatcom County 2008).
Marine terminals, operated by both public and private entities, provide facilities, services, and labor for the interchange of cargo and passengers between land and ocean carriers, and for the receipt and delivery of cargo from shippers and consignees.
Overview of Stevedoring and Marine Terminals Marine terminals are designated areas of ports which include wharves, bulkheads, quays, piers, docks and other berthing locations.
Marine terminals continue to adjust to the deployment of mega vessels, defined as vessels with a TEU capacity of I 0,000 or more.