Management Contribution Agreement definition

Management Contribution Agreement means that certain Contribution Agreement, dated on or prior to the date hereof, by and between Holdings and Management Stockholder.
Management Contribution Agreement has the meaning ascribed to in the recitals.

Examples of Management Contribution Agreement in a sentence

  • The Borrower hereby represents, warrants and confirms to the Administrative Agent that the Borrower has assigned to the Administrative Agent, for the ratable benefit of the Secured Parties hereunder, all of the Borrower’s right and title to and interest in the Purchase Agreement and the CLO Management Contribution Agreement.

  • As laid down in Article 2.1 of the ABBO (Afvalbeheerbijdrageovereenkomst/Waste Management Contribution Agreement, as defined below) - which agreement has been declared universally binding - the Producers and Importers use the Waste Management Structure to collectively fulfil their obligations (including those relating to the deposit for Packaging) that arise from the Packaging Decree and other regulations.

  • Additional funding by the UNDP will be €1.4 million Implementation Mode: Direct Management: (Contribution Agreement between the EC and the UNDP) The purpose of the project is to reinforce the capacity of ACP countries small-scale private sector in Low Value Minerals and Materials.

  • The Economist (2015), “Attack of the bean counters,” The Economist (21 March).

  • The purpose of this Reserve Fund is to accumulate moneys to finance certain improvements required to maintain the storm water drainage system of the Cedar Ridge Sub Division as established by the Parkland Conveyancing and Stormwater Management Contribution Agreement dated December 16, 2010 by and between Michael Provenzano and the Town of Ulster.

  • Kristin Maguire moved that the State Board of Education suspend the certificate of Margaret W.

  • The Borrower accounts for the applicable transfers to it from the Performance Guarantor of interests in the Loan Assets under the Purchase Agreement and interests in the CLO Management Fees under the CLO Management Contribution Agreement as sales or contributions of such Loan Assets or CLO Management Fees, as applicable, in its books, records and financial statements (although the financial statements of the Borrower and Performance Guarantor may be consolidated), in each case consistent with GAAP.

  • ABBOThe Packaging Waste Management Contribution Agreement, including annexes, as signed on 22 June 2017 by the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Packaging Association (SVF), the Non Food Packaging Association (SVN), the Netherlands Commercial Packaging Association (BVNL) and Packaging Waste Fund Association (Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen).The Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management declared the ABBO universally binding with effect from 1 January 2018.

  • This funding process is divided into three stages: Stage‐1 NGIF Investment Intake Investor Deck Stage‐2 NGIF Investment Evaluation Investment ProposalStage‐3 NGIF Investment Management Contribution Agreement and Project Management These instructions provide information about the NGIF Investment Intake Stage ‐ Investor Deck only.

  • In order to cover the associated costs, Afvalfonds Verpakkingen levies a mandatory Packaging Waste Management Contribution on the basis of the Waste Management Contribution Agreement for Packaging (Afvalbeheersbijdrageovereenkomst Verpakkingen/ABBO), which has been declared universally binding by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Related to Management Contribution Agreement

  • Contribution Agreements has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Sale and Contribution Agreement means the Sale and Contribution Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, among the Servicer, the Transferor and the Borrower, as such agreement may be amended, amended and restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

  • Equity Contribution Agreement means the Equity Contribution Agreement, to be dated as of the Closing Date, by and among Guarantor, Borrower and Administrative Agent.

  • Contribution Agreement means that certain Contribution and Conveyance Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, among the General Partner, the Partnership, the Operating Partnership and certain other parties, together with the additional conveyance documents and instruments contemplated or referenced thereunder, as such may be amended, supplemented or restated from time to time.

  • Allocation Agreement or “Agreement” shall mean this NMTC Program Allocation Agreement between the Fund and the Allocatee and Subsidiary Allocatee, as the case may be, including the Organization Specific Terms and Conditions (Schedule 1) and the General Allocation Terms and Conditions (Schedule 2) and any attachments hereto, as such Agreement may, from time to time, be amended in accordance with its terms.

  • Co-operation Agreement means the agreement between the Exchange and Oslo Børs with regards to the access to the Linked Order Book;

  • Sponsor Management Agreement means the management agreement between certain of the management companies associated with the Investors and the Issuer.

  • Investment Management Agreement means the Investment Management Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, by and between the Investment Manager and the Borrower.

  • Asset Management Agreement means, as the context requires, any agreement entered into between a Series and an Asset Manager pursuant to which such Asset Manager is appointed as manager of the relevant Series Assets, as amended from time to time.

  • Distribution Agreements means (i) any and all agreements entered into by a Credit Party, pursuant to which such Credit Party has sold, leased, licensed or assigned distribution rights or other exploitation rights to any Item of Product to an un-Affiliated Person, and (ii) any and all agreements hereafter entered into by a Credit Party pursuant to which such Credit Party sells, leases, licenses or assigns distribution rights or other exploitation rights to an Item of Product to an un-Affiliated Person.

  • Formation Agreement has the meaning attributed to it in Recital A;

  • Hotel Management Agreement means any hotel management agreement relating to the management and operation of the Real Property together with all supplements, amendments and modifications thereto.

  • Existing Management Agreement means that certain management agreement between the Seller and the Existing Manager for the operation and management of the Hotel.

  • Property Management Agreement means any Property Management Agreement between the Company and the Property Manager.

  • Affiliation Agreement means a written agreement between a chartered program and any person that sets forth the roles and responsibilities of the parties, is signed by the individuals with authority to sign contracts, and provides for any of the following:

  • Tax Allocation Agreement means the Tax Allocation Agreement between Corporation and New D&B.

  • Sharing Agreement means a local marketing, joint sales, shared services or similar Contract.

  • Management Agreement means the agreement of the Directors in the form attached hereto as Schedule C. The Management Agreement shall be deemed incorporated into, and a part of, this Agreement.

  • Termination Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • New Management Agreement means the management agreement to be entered into between Buyer and the Manager for the operation and management of the Hotel on and after the Closing Date.

  • Transition Agreement means the Transition Power Sales Agreement dated as of November 24, 1998, by and between Seller, Southern Energy, Southern Energy Bowline, L.L.C. and Southern Energy Xxxxxx, L.L.C.

  • Foundation Agreement means the agreement dated the 20th February 1985 made between the Trustee, the Manager, Xxxxxxxx, Genting WA and Tileska providing for the subscription of Units and Options;

  • Investment Agreements or “Flow-Through Agreements” means written agreements pursuant to which the Partnership will subscribe for Flow-Through Shares (including Flow-Through Shares issued as part of a unit) or agreements by the Partnership to otherwise invest in or purchase securities of a Resource Issuer, and in respect of Flow-Through Shares comprised of units, the Resource Issuer will covenant and agree:

  • Acquisition Agreements means the Nexstar Acquisition Agreement and the Mission Acquisition Agreement, and “Acquisition Agreement” means the applicable agreement in the context used.

  • Retention Agreements has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11(e).

  • leasing agreement means an agreement by which one person (the lessor) grants a right to possession or control of an object (with or without an option to purchase) to another person (the lessee) in return for a rental or other payment;