Entitlement Order definition

Entitlement Order shall have the meaning specified in Section 8-102 of the UCC.
Entitlement Order. “Equipment”; “Financial Asset”; “Fixtures”; “Goods”, “Inventory”; “Letter-of-Credit Rights”; “Letters of Credit”; “Money”; “Payment Intangibles”; “Proceeds”; “ Records”; “Securities Account”; “Securities Intermediary”; “Security Entitlement”; “Supporting Obligations”; and “Tangible Chattel Paper.”
Entitlement Order means a notification directing the Securities Intermediary to transfer or redeem a financial asset.

Examples of Entitlement Order in a sentence

  • If no such written Entitlement Order has been given to Securities Intermediary, such amounts will be invested in accordance with the last provided instruction or if no such instruction was provided shall remain uninvested.

More Definitions of Entitlement Order

Entitlement Order means a notification communicated to a securities intermediary directing transfer or redemption of a financial asset to which the entitlement holder has a security entitlement.
Entitlement Order has the meaning ascribed to the term “entitlement order” in Article 8 of the UCC.
Entitlement Order. The meaning specified in Section 8-102(a)(8) of the New York UCC (i.e., generally, orders directing the transfer or redemption of any Financial Asset).
Entitlement Order has the meaning given to such term in the UCC.
Entitlement Order means “entitlement order” within the meaning of Section 8-102(a)(8) of the New York UCC.
Entitlement Order has the meaning set forth in Section 2.20(f).
Entitlement Order has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 8-102(a)(8) of Article 8 of the UCC.