Landrush definition

Landrush means the period during which Applicants can seek to Register Domain Names not previously Registered through the Sunrise period, or otherwise reserved by the .aeDA or restricted by this or any other .aeDA Policy or law of the United Arab Emirates, but where the allocation of Domain Names is not completed on a First-Come, First-Serve basis;
Landrush. The registration period for members of the Adult Entertainment Sponsored Community. Unlike Sunrise AD, AT, and Sunrise B, there are no qualification requirements needed for Landrush. Applications for competing names will go to auction at the end of the Landrush period. Landrush registrations will not be awarded unless and until, within five (5) days after the close of the Landrush phase, the prospective registrant has completed a Membership application on the ICM website and his or her contact information has been confirmed. Domain names awarded during Landrush will not be operable (resolve in the DNS) and available for your use until on or about December 6, 2011, the "create-date" chosen by XXX Xxxxxxxx. During Sunrise, the registry system will accept an unlimited number of applications for a string, and an unlimited number of applications for a string of a given application type. In the event ICM receives more than one qualified Sunrise AT and/or Sunrise AD application for the same names, the names will be awarded via auction. Details on how auctions will be conducted for Sunrise AT and Sunrise AD can be found at Please note that, pursuant to XXX Xxxxxxxx rules, domain names will not be awarded on a first-come first-served basis during the Sunrise period though such an award may be possible under certain auction rules. After Sunrise and before Landrush, there will be a Quiet Period during which XXX Xxxxxxxx will review Sunrise applications. Following award of a Sunrise AT, Sunrise AD, Landrush, or General availability domain name, the name will be on "transfer lock" for 60 days. Successful Sunrise B applications will not receive a traditional registration under the control of the registrar that submitted the application. Rather, successful Sunrise B applications will result in the domain being blocked from future registration and transferred to an XXX Xxxxxxxx controlled, informational webpage.

Examples of Landrush in a sentence

  • Landrush applications are not reviewed on a “first-come first- served” basis, they will be considered as having arrived at the same time: • if only one qualified application is made for a domain name, the domain name will be registered on behalf of applicant within the days following the end of the Landrush period,• if multiple qualified applications are made for the same domain name, the domain name will be subject to closed auction between all applicants for this domain name.

  • The Landrush Period is regarded as the first part of the General Registration period.

  • Claims period starts with the beginning of the Landrush period.** Claims services are provided during all Limited Registration Periods.*** Domain name registration fee within the Landrush registration period is defined in the Addendum 1 to the .MOSCOW and .MOCKВА Registry-Registrar Agreement.

  • General Availability and special Landrush period registration fees for Users are set forth by Registrars.

  • General Availability and special Landrush period registration fees for Registrars are set forth in the Addendum 1 to the Registry-Registrar Agreement.

  • Timeframes and Policies for special Landrush periods as well as lists of domain names for which there will be special Landrush periods held, shall be published on the Registry Operator’s website in the “Policies” section.

  • Names that are temporarily unavailable due to processing delays from Sunrise or Landrush registrations, or for other reasons.

  • All Sunrise Applications therefore, that could not be successfully verified for the Sunrise phases will be automatically entered during the Landrush phase.

  • If a Trademark Holder fails to reserve any domain name during Sunrise, any other party is free to register that domain name during Landrush or General Availability, subject to Registry Policies, the TMCH Claims Service, and applicable laws and regulations.

  • The registry will observe a one (1) to multiple day period(s) after both Sunrise and Landrush where no new registration applications of any type are accepted.

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