Definition of JMC Management Agreement

JMC Management Agreement means that certain Amended and Restated Management Agreement (the "Management Agreement") between Borrower and JMC entered into as of April 23, 1998.

Examples of JMC Management Agreement in a sentence

Make any material change in the nature or terms of the JMC Management Agreement.
Maintain substantially consistent with past practices and not terminate the JMC Management Agreement or otherwise transfer Borrower's interest thereunder and promptly notify Agent of any deviation from such practices.
Borrower shall provide a subordination, on terms satisfactory to Agent, of any fees paid to any Subsidiaries or Affiliates of Borrower pursuant to ongoing contractual arrangements for services provided to Borrower, including without limitation, licensing, management and marketing fees, including without limitation, those fees payable under the JMC Management Agreement.
Not revise or terminate the JMC Management Agreement except as set forth in that JMC Subordination Agreement or with Agent's prior written consent.
Payment of the JMC Management Fees in accordance with the JMC Management Agreement as in effect on the date hereof and Re-Sale Fees and Aircraft Acquisition Fees shall be permitted under this Section 12.5 but shall be subject to Section 12.12.