Item definition

Item means an instrument or a promise or order to pay money handled by a bank for collection or payment. The term does not include a payment order governed by Article 4A or a credit or debit card slip;
Item means a single hardware article or a single unit formed by a grouping of subassemblies, components, or constituent parts.
Item means a check, draft, money order or other negotiable instrument you use to pay your Account. This includes any image of these instruments. This does not include an Access Check.

Examples of Item in a sentence

Complete Table 1A – Summary for all purchasers, excluding those identified in Item 8.

The text of these statements may be examined at the places specified in Item IV below.

The above numbered solicitation is amended as set forth in Item 14.

THIS ITEM ONLY APPLIES TO AMENDMENTS OF SOLICITATIONSThe above numbered solicitation is amended as set forth in Item 14.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, "Equine Activities" includes but is not limited to competitions, tournaments organized and /or operated by the "Host", riding instruction, coaching and training provided by the "Host" to the Infant Participant.Initial Each Item below after Reading and Understanding each item:___ 1.

More Definitions of Item

Item means goods, parts, components, supplies, or items including, without limitation, those part numbers model numbers, and/or descriptions set forth on the face of this Order, and shall also include computer software or hardware (including any software, firmware or other hardwired logic embedded within the hardware) delivered or to be delivered under this Order.
Item means (a) drafts, including checks and negotiable orders of withdrawal and items of a like kind which are drawn on or deposited and credited to the Deposit accounts, and (b) payments, advances, disbursements, fees, reimbursements and items of a like kind which are debited or credited to the Loans.
Item means item of Fees and PaymentsSchedule C – Form of Quotation.
Item means any “item” as defined in Section 4-104 of the Code, and shall also mean and include checks, drafts, money orders or other media of payment.
Item means the smallest category of area that can be awarded to one contractor. This contract can be a roll-up of a large geographic area and Items are used for award purposes to identify to the contractor what portions of this contract their specific award is for.
Item means any of the Seller components, equipment, accessories or parts listed in Exhibit C that are installed on an Aircraft at any time during the period of effectiveness of the Service Life Policy as defined below in Clause 12.2.2;
Item means commercial items, commercial services, and commercial components as defined in FAR 52.202-1.