Definition of IRP

IRP means the International Registration Plan.

IRP means International Resource Partners LP.

Examples of IRP in a sentence

Also, the Agency may require quarterly reports if the intermediary becomes delinquent in repayment of its loan or otherwise fails to fully comply with the provisions of its work plan or Loan Agreement, or the Agency determines that the intermediary's IRP revolving fund is not adequately protected by the current sound worth and paying capacity of the ultimate recipients.
Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) means a plan resulting from the planning and selection process for new energy resources that evaluates the benefits and costs of the full range of alternatives, including new generating capacity, power purchases, DSM programs, system operating efficiency, and renewable energy systems.
The loanmaking of all other IRP loans serviced by this regulation is in accordance with part 1948, subpart C of this chapter.
For RDLF and IRP, the servicing official is the Director, Business and Industry Division.
Any exception would be based on evidence satisfactory to Rural Development that every effort is being made by the intermediary to utilize the IRP funding in conformance with program objectives.