Integrated resource plan definition

Integrated resource plan or "IRP" means the filing made every two years by a utility in accordance with WAC 480-100-238 Integrated resource planning.
Integrated resource plan means a plan which contains the demand and energy forecast for at least a fifteen‑year period, contains the supplier’s or producer’s program for meeting the requirements shown in its forecast in an economic and reliable manner, including both demand‑side and supply‑side options, with a brief description and summary cost‑benefit analysis, if available, of each option which was considered, including those not selected, sets forth the supplier’s or producer’s assumptions and conclusions with respect to the effect of the plan on the cost and reliability of energy service, and describes the external environmental and economic consequences of the plan to the extent practicable. For electrical utilities subject to the jurisdiction of the South Carolina Public Service Commission, this definition must be interpreted in a manner consistent with the integrated resource planning process adopted by the commission. For electric cooperatives subject to the regulations of the Rural Electrification Administration, this definition must be interpreted in a manner consistent with any integrated resource planning process prescribed by Rural Electrification Administration regulations.
Integrated resource plan means a utility's plan as further defined and established in Commission rules found at OAC 165:35-37 to ensure that sufficient supply- and demand-side resources are available to meet its obligation to serve and to achieve public policy objectives, including those prescribed by law, rule, or Commission order.

Examples of Integrated resource plan in a sentence

  • Integrated resource plan- ning is a planning process for new en- ergy resources that evaluates the full range of alternatives, including new generating capacity, power purchases, energy conservation and efficiency, co- generation and district heating and cooling applications, and renewable en- ergy resources, to provide adequate and reliable service to a customer’s electric consumers.

  • With planning tools like the Integrated energy plan (Iep), and the Integrated resource plan (Irp), we should be able to configure the primary and secondary energy mix in a manner which supports our climate change targets.

  • WSR 21-02-022 (Dockets UE-191023 andUE-190698, General Order 601), § 480-100-620, filed 12/28/20, effec- tive 12/31/20.] WAC 480-100-625 Integrated resource plan development and timing.

  • You must also contact the Savvi Public Relations team for approval before participating in any local or national media plans with respect to your Savvi business.

  • During the 2011/12 financial year we plan to connect 150 000 households to the grid and an additional 10 000 off-grid.CLean anD reneWaBLe energyreneWaBLe energyWork on the implementation of renewable energy programmes will continue towards the roll out of 1 million solar water heaters by 2014 and the implementation of the renewable energy feed- in tariff (refIt) for the approved renewable energy technologies in line with the Integrated resource plan.

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Integrated resource plan or "IRP" means the plan filed by the Commission-Regulated Electric Company to meet the requirements of 26 Del.C. §1007(c) & (d).
Integrated resource plan or “IRP” means a utility’s document or documents submitted to the commission in order to meet the requirements of this rule.
Integrated resource plan means [a resource] an indicative, forward- looking plan [established by the national sphere of government to give effect to] for electricity generation, compiled in accordance with section 32A to reflect national policy on electricity planning, which plan specifies the types of energy sources and technologies from which electricity may be generated and indicates the amount of electricity that is to be generated from each of such sources or technologies;"; (l) by the insertion after the definition of "integrated resource plan" of the following definitions:
Integrated resource plan means an analysis describing the mix of generating resources, conservation, methods, technologies, and resources to integrate renewable resources and, where applicable, address overgeneration events, and efficiency resources that will meet current and projected needs at the lowest reasonable cost to the utility and its ratepayers and that complies with the requirements specified in RCW 19.280.030(1).
Integrated resource plan or "plan" means a plan describing the mix of natural gas supply and conservation designated to meet cur- rent and future needs at the lowest reasonable cost to the utility and its ratepayers.
Integrated resource plan means an analysis describing the
Integrated resource plan. , or “IRP” means a utility’s document submitted to the commission in order to meet the requirements of 170 IAC 4-7.