Invitation for Bid definition

Invitation for Bid means and include the present document, and such other complements and agenda, which may subsequently be issued in this connection.
Invitation for Bid or “IFB” shall mean this document.
Invitation for Bid. (“IFB”) shall mean a competitive Solicitation seeking Bids for a specified Commodity, pursuant to which award is made to the responsible Bidder(s) submitting the lowest price.

Examples of Invitation for Bid in a sentence

  • Enter the most appropriate Federal identifying number available for the Federal action identified in item 1 (e.g., Request for Proposal (RFP) number; Invitation for Bid (IFB) number; grant announcement number; the contract, grant, or loan award number; the application/proposal control number assigned by the Federal agency).

  • The bid complies with Invitation for Bid form and Bid Specifications.

  • Performance shall be governed solely by the terms and conditions as set forth in the Invitation for Bid, Bid Specifications, Bid Form and the Contract notwithstanding any language contained on any invoice, shipping order, bill of lading or other document furnished the Seller at any time and the acceptance by the County for any goods furnished.

  • Any change in the bid will be made only by written addendum, issued by the Department of Administrative Services-Purchasing Division to each firm in receipt of the Invitation for Bid and shall be incorporated in the bid.

  • All other questions should be directed to the buyer shown on the “Cover Sheet” of this Invitation for Bid (IFB).

More Definitions of Invitation for Bid

Invitation for Bid means that certain Invitation for Bids, including all attachments and exhibits, prepared and issued by Seller requesting sealed bid offers for purchase of the Property.
Invitation for Bid means the process through which the City solicits Bids including Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications.
Invitation for Bid means the document entitled, “«Name_of_RFP»,” dated
Invitation for Bid or "IFB" means the formal procurement issued by The Woodlands Township (see also, "Procurement") and, where the context allows, also includes "Requests for Qualifications" (RFQs) and "Requests for Proposal" (RFPs).
Invitation for Bid or “IFB” means a solicitation for sealed bids which will be awarded to the responsible, responsive bidder whose bid is lowest in price and conforms to all the material terms and conditions in the IFB.
Invitation for Bid means all documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting bids.
Invitation for Bid or “IFB” means the competitive sealed bidding procurement process by which a request is made to prospective bidders for their quotation on goods or services desired by County. An IFB incorporates by reference the specifications and contractual terms and conditions applicable to the procurement.