Indemnifying Shareholders definition

Indemnifying Shareholders means those Persons whose names are set forth on Schedule 7.1;
Indemnifying Shareholders means Daniel L. Doerr, Christopher L. Doerr and David E. Doerr.

Examples of Indemnifying Shareholders in a sentence

The respective interests of the Indemnifying Shareholders in the Escrow Shares shall not be assignable or transferable, other than by operation of law.

The Indemnifying Shareholders have agreed in Article V of the Merger Agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from and against specified Damages.

The Escrow Shares shall be security for such indemnity obligation of the Indemnifying Shareholders, subject to the limitations, and in the manner provided, in this Agreement.

Any securities distributable to the Indemnifying Shareholders in respect of or in exchange for any of the Escrow Shares, whether by way of stock dividends, stock splits or otherwise, shall be delivered to the Escrow Agent, who shall hold such securities in the Escrow Account.

Any cash dividends distributable to the Indemnifying Shareholders in respect of the Escrow Shares shall be distributed to the Indemnifying Shareholders.

More Definitions of Indemnifying Shareholders

Indemnifying Shareholders means Ernest L. Star, Peter Holz and Ernest R. Star, jointly and severally.
Indemnifying Shareholders means Fred E. Beck and Tim Rhoads.
Indemnifying Shareholders means Mr. Roberto Civita and Mr. Giancarlo Francesco Civita;
Indemnifying Shareholders means all Matsco Shareholders other than Marshall.
Indemnifying Shareholders means each of FCR, Astratel, Indosat and Marubeni (and shall exclude IFC and NMP).
Indemnifying Shareholders means the Company Shareholders receiving Merger Consideration pursuant to Section 1.5 or cash pursuant to the second sentence of Section 1.6.
Indemnifying Shareholders means the Estate of Claudio Mastronardi, Claudio Mastronardi Holdings Ltd. and MCM Acres Sales Ltd.