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High. An Incident should be categorized with the priority "High" if normal business processes are seriously affected. Necessary tasks cannot be performed. This is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment that are required immediately. The Incident is to be processed as quickly as possible because a continuing malfunction can seriously disrupt the entire productive business flow.
High. Risk Food’ means food which will rapidly deteriorate in quality and/or pose a health hazard when incorrectly stored or displayed. ‘High Risk Food (non-packed)’ includes all perishable foods which are stored, prepared, displayed or sold without individual wrapping or sealing and includes food for sale from catering stalls. ‘High Risk Food (prepared)’ includes all perishable foods which are stored, displayed or sold fully wrapped or sealed where such wrapping or sealing does not take place at the stall.

Examples of High in a sentence

  • UN Human Rights Council, Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Situation of Human Rights in Colombia, A/HRC/22/17/Add.3, 7 January 2013, http://www.refworld.org/docid/511ce59d2.html, para.

  • The mixture does not contain substances classified as ‘Substances of Very High Concern' (SVHC) >= 0.1% published by the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA) under article 57 of REACH: http://echa.europa.eu/fr/candidate-list-tableThe mixture satisfies neither the PBT nor the vPvB criteria for mixtures in accordance with annexe XIII of the REACH regulations EC 1907/2006.

  • Co President 23rd Flr., High Street, South Corporate Plaza, Tower 1, 26th St. Corner 9th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City Exploration.

  • Appropriate assessments conducted where required (i.e., Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Substantial and High risk projects and some level of social and environmental assessment for Moderate risk projects as identified through SESP).

  • High prevalence of defects in Cesarean section scars at transvaginal ultrasound examination.

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High means any service requests that concern with the critical part of your service usage and could probably cause damage. The requests shall be managed urgently due to the high impact.
High risk profile means that the Fund may experience periods of negative and/or volatile returns, and a loss of value, while offering the potential for greater returns.
High in this context means above main deck or thwart level. Pay particular attention to masts and gantries, and deckhouse tops and contents, particularly in the case of spare fishing gear which can be heavy.
High means that the deficiency substantially impacts the dose and may also impact the compensability of the case.CASE
High means that because of the Versasec SOFTWARE, the LICENSEE’s business is restricted but users can carry out work with significant difficulty or delay. Potentially the LICENSEE’s business might stop.
High means that no distribution is allowed other than within the CSC and if appropriate to the PTF Board. High confidentiality level must be clearly indicated on written information or clearly stated during oral conversations;