Group 4 Subordinate Certificates definition

Group 4 Subordinate Certificates. The Class 4-B-1, Class 4-B-2, Class 4-B-3, Class 4-B-4, Class 4-B-5 and Class 4-B-6.
Group 4 Subordinate Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Group 4 Subordinate Certificates. Collectively, the Class 4B-1 Certificates, Class 4-B2 Certificates, Class 4-B3 Certificates, Class 4-B4 Certificates, Class 4-B5 Certificates and Class 4-B6 Certificates.

Examples of Group 4 Subordinate Certificates in a sentence

  • An owner unaffiliated with the Company, the Servicer or the Master Servicer of (i) a 100% interest in the Class of Group L-B Certificates with the lowest priority, (ii) a 100% interest in the Class of Group 4 Subordinate Certificates with the lowest priority or (iii) a 100% interest in a class of securities representing such interest in such Class specified in clause (i) or (ii) above.

  • Subject to Section 6.02(c), the Senior Certificates and the Group 4 Senior Certificates (other than the Classes Residual Certificates) and each Class of Subordinate Certificates and Group 4 Subordinate Certificates shall be Book-Entry Certificates.

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Group 4 Subordinate Certificates. As set forth in the Preliminary Statement. Hemisphere: Hemisphere National Bank, and its successors and assigns.

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