Gravel road definition

Gravel road means an unpaved road which has a running surface of small rock, gravel or other approved aggregate road surfacing material and may have a dust palliative applied.
Gravel road means an unpaved road which has a running surface of small rock, gravel or other approved aggregate road surfacing material and may have a dust palliative applied. Arterial" which includes "Other Principal Arterials" and "Minor Arterials"¶

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  • Gravel road access shall be certified by an engineer as to the compaction and weight it will support.

  • Gravel road access shall be certified by an engineer as to the material thickness, compaction, all weather capability, and weight it will support.

  • Gravel road expenses are being captured in your operating expenses, and inserting them into your Capital Plan would be a redundant entry.

  • Gravel road construction may be permitted where suited to existing and expected future levels of usage A10 The following minimum standards apply to the design and construction of new roads: - a maximum longitudinal grading of 17% (short lengths of steeper grades are considered).

  • Gravel road repairs were also performed in the Lower Roma encampment (Geologu St., Vilnius); the area of 1,067 square metres was reinforced with a mixture of sand and gravel, as well as the potholed pavement on the Rodunės Road (access road to the third Roma encampment) was repaired and gravelled.

  • Gravel road surfaces would deteriorate and potholes would form under the increased traffic loads, particularly during wet weather when water ponds or drains across a road.

  • Gravel road: prior to the construction phase of the facility the applicant shall dust treat the entire length of x road (road segment description) and pay for the application (labor and material) of dust suppression materials.

  • Gravel road base or other general fill material obtained from a commercial source will be sampled and tested once prior to use at any residential properties within OU9.

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  • Road upgrading from Earth to Gravel road 720m Molly and Pryer Roads.

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