Loop definition

Loop or "Unbundled Loop" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.2.1.

Examples of Loop in a sentence

  • Development ParcelThe “Development Parcel” shall mean all of the property located within the boundaries of the #Loop Road#, as shown on Map 1 in Appendix A of this Chapter.

  • Loop RoadThe “Loop Road” shall be comprised of the East Loop Road, the North Loop Road, the South Loop Road, and the West Loop Road, as shown on Map 1 in Appendix A of this Chapter.

  • In lieu thereof, the area between the shoreline and the western #street line# of the #West Loop Road# and the area between the shoreline and the eastern #street line# of the #East Loop Road# shall be used exclusively for open recreational uses, and shall be accessible daily from 6am to 10pm between April 15th and October 31st and from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. for the remainder of the year.

  • The District Plan includes the following maps: Map 1 – Special Southern Roosevelt Island District, Development Parcel, and Loop RoadMap 2 – Public Access Areas The Maps are located in Appendix A of this Chapter and are hereby incorporated and made part of this Resolution.

  • Note: North Loop Road is proposed to be mapped under a concurrent related application (C 130007 MMM) for a change in the City Map.

More Definitions of Loop

Loop. (and any like term) means a transmission path that extends from a Main Distribution Frame, DSX-panel, or functionally comparable piece of equipment in a Customer’s serving End Office to the Rate Demarcation Point (or Network Interface Device (“NID”) if installed) in or at the Customer’s premises. The actual transmission facilities used to provide a Loop may utilize any of several technologies.
Loop is a transmission path between the Minimum Point of Presence/Entry (MPOP/E) at any End User location and the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or Digital Crossconnect Bay (DSX-1) of the SNET designated serving wire centers.
Loop means the transmission path which extends from Network Interface Device or demarcation point at a Customer's premises to the Main Distribution Frame or other designated frame or panel in a Party's Wire Center which serves the Customer. Loops are defined by the electrical interface rather than the type of facility used.
Loop is a transmission facility between a distribution frame, or its equivalent, in a U S WEST central office or wire center, and the Network Interface Device (as defined herein) or network interface at a subscriber's premises, to which AT&T is granted exclusive use. This includes, but is not limited to, two-wire and four-wire analog voice-grade loops, and two-wire and four-wire loops that are conditioned to transmit the digital signals needed to provide ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, and DS-1 level signals. A Loop may be composed of the following components: Loop Concentrator/Multiplexer Loop Feeder Network Interface Device (NID) Distribution
Loop means a road of limited length forming a loop, having no other intersecting road, and functioning mainly as direct access to abutting properties. A loop may be designated for one-way or two-way traffic.