Governing body of the county definition

Governing body of the county means the county board of commissioners of a county participating in an authority created under this act.
Governing body of the county means the county board of
Governing body of the county means the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County.

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  • Governing body means the board of county commissioners or a county council if a county; the legislative authority if a municipal corporation; or the board of township trustees if a township; the board of directors if a sanitary district; or the board of trustees if a regional water and sewer district.

  • Executive Authority means the executive committee or executive mayor of the Municipality or, if the Municipality does not have an executive committee or executive mayor, a committee of councillors appointed by the Municipal Council;

  • Body means a governmental, international or non-profit organisation. "Meeting" includes a series or cycle of meetings. *** Please answer each of the questions below. If the answer to any of the questions is "yes", please provide details on relevant interests and circumstances, as appropriate. If you do not do so, your DOI form will be considered incomplete and, therefore, your application to be appointed as a member of an expert group or sub-group in a personal capacity shall be rejected. First name: Family name:Expert group/sub-group:

  • Board of Directors means the board of directors of the Company.