Flavoring agent definition

Flavoring agent means a therapeutically inert, nonallergenic substance consisting of inactive ingredients that is added to a drug to improve the drug’s taste and palatability.
Flavoring agent means an additive used in food or drugs when

Examples of Flavoring agent in a sentence

  • Flavoring agent can be labeled as synthetic flavoring agent.8-3.Labeling of nutrition reinforcing agentAdditives used for the purposes of nutrition reinforcement are exempted from labeling (adjusted milk powers excluded).

  • Preservative b) Amino acid, c) Microorganism, d) Vitamin, e) Mineral, f) Antioxidant, g) Enzyme, h) Flavoring agent, i) Homeopathic agent, j) other 3) Physical State.

  • Flavoring agent 0.005% spearmint oil may be added to the extract.

  • Flavoring agent AROMATIC SPIRIT OF AMMONIA Ammonium carbonate34 gDilute solution of ammonia90 mlOil of lemon10 mlOil of lavender1 mlOil of myristica1 mlAlcohol700 mlD.W. q.s.1000 mlMitte 50 ml 1.Dissolve the solid material in dilute solution of ammonia withlittle amount of water.2. The oils are dissolved in alcohol with little amount of water.3. Filter each solution separately if needed, then add the aqueous solution to the alcoholic one.

  • This translates into large differences in the average quality of housing between Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Functional CategoryCoating agent, Flavoring agent, Tablet binder, Tablet filler and Viscosity increasing agent.

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