Non-U.S. Bank definition

Non-U.S. Bank means a Bank that is not a U.S. Person.
Non-U.S. Bank means a Person that is not a United States Person and that is not described in Section 881(c)(3) of the Code.
Non-U.S. Bank shall have the meaning assigned to that term in Section 6.7(b).

Examples of Non-U.S. Bank in a sentence

  • J.W., Lim, D., Gassend, B., Suh, G.E., van Dijk, M., Devadas, S.: A technique to build a secret key in integrated circuits for identification and authentication application.

  • Such forms shall be delivered by each Non-U.S. Bank on or before the date it becomes a party to this Agreement (or, in the case of any Participant, on or before the date such Participant purchases the related participation).

  • Each Non-U.S. Bank further undertakes to deliver to each of the Company and the Agent (x) renewals or additional copies of such form (or any successor form) on or before the date that such form expires or becomes obsolete, and (y) after the occurrence of any event requiring a change in the most recent forms so delivered by it, such additional forms or amendments thereto as may be reasonably requested by the Company or the Agent.

  • Each Non-U.S. Bank shall promptly notify the Company at any time it determines that it is no longer in a position to provide any previously delivered certificate to the Company (or any other form of certification adopted by the U.S. taxing authorities for such purpose).

  • Board: You may submit comments, which should refer to ‘‘Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income (FFIEC 031 and 041)’’ or ‘‘Report of Assets and Liabilities of U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks (FFIEC 002) and Report of Assets and Liabilities ofa Non-U.S. Branch that is Managed or Controlled by a U.S. Branch or Agency of a Foreign (Non-U.S.) Bank (FFIEC 002S),’’ by any of the following methods:• Agency Web Site: http://

More Definitions of Non-U.S. Bank

Non-U.S. Bank has the meaning specified in Section 2.15(e).
Non-U.S. Bank as defined in subsection 2.15(b).
Non-U.S. Bank means a Bank that is not a United States person as defined in Section 7701(a)(30) of the Code.
Non-U.S. Bank. As defined in Section 2.28(f).
Non-U.S. Bank as defined in Section 2.20(c).
Non-U.S. Bank as defined in subsection 2.15(c)(ii).
Non-U.S. Bank shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.8(a) hereof.