MC definition

MC means motorcycle;

Examples of MC in a sentence

  • Christopher, R., Browne, T., Iachini, A., DeHart, D., Reitmeier, M.C. & Flaherty, A.

  • King, L.B., Christopher, R.I., Reitmeier, M.C., Iachini, A., & Browne, T.

  • Christopher, R., Browne, T., Reitmeier, M.C., DeHart, D., & Iachini, A.

  • Thus, for each gene, we compute the difference between (log) means FC = MT− MC , where MT= 1/nTΣnTi=1MTi and similarly for MC .

  • Reitmeier, M.C., Christopher, R.I., King, L.B., Iachini, A., & Browne, T.

More Definitions of MC

MC means ………Municipal Corporation
MC and ‘Nc’ means modelling parameters that take into account the volume- dependence of the energy use, with values as set out in Annex III, Table 4;
MC means MedCath Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
MC means the written consent of the County, with or without conditions, to allow the Company to perform Work within the ROWs that requires the excavation or breaking up of the ROWs (as more fully described in Schedule A);