MC definition

MC means motorcycle;

Examples of MC in a sentence

  • Where according to national laws the legal personality does not change and where all assets of the partner are taken over so that a deterioration of the financial capacity of the acquiring institution is not to be expected (i.e., in cases of universal succession) prior consent by the MC is not necessary.

  • Based on the latest version of the application form (hereinafter referred to as PAF - Project Approved Form) and the amending documents, in accordance with the decision of the Programme MC and possible amending decisions, earmarked subsidies can be awarded to project partners in ………..

  • Considerable underspending of ERDF by the partner could lead to a decommitment procedure that shall be approved by the Programme MC.

  • You will be introduced to the Function Manager on the day of your wedding as well as your MC so you know exactly who is running your function.

  • Contractor may use or further disclose PHI County discloses to Contractor as necessary to perform functions, activities, or services for, or on behalf of, County as specified in the Contract MA-017-202301- MC, provided that such use or Disclosure would not violate the HIPAA Privacy Rule if done by County except for the specific Uses and Disclosures set forth below.

More Definitions of MC

MC and ‘Nc’ means modelling parameters that take into account the volume- dependence of the energy use, with values as set out in Annex III, Table 4;
MC means the written consent of the County, with or without conditions, to allow the Company to perform Work within the ROWs that requires the excavation or breaking up of the ROWs (as more fully described in Schedule A);
MC means ………Municipal Corporation
MC means Medical Consultant or the Contractor who is providing general medical and/or psychological consultative services as outline in this Contract.
MC means MedCath Corporation, a Delaware corporation.