Fail definition

Fail has the meaning given to it in the Protocol;
Fail means the removal under the Rules of the whole or part of an Instruction from Batch Settlement or Real Time Gross Settlement, on a Business Day.
Fail means any Open Position that has not given rise to a full cash payment or full delivery of Securities during the last settlement windows of the Settlement Date;

Examples of Fail in a sentence

  • Responses that do not include the proposal content requirements identified within this RFP and subsequent Addenda and do not address each of the items listed below will be considered incomplete, be rated a Fail in the Evaluation Criteria and will receive no further consideration.

  • Fail or refuse to accept the award and enter into contract or perform any and all acts necessary to the execution of the Contract, in accordance with the Bidding Documents after having been notified of your acceptance of our Bid during the period of bid validity.

  • Responses that are rated a Fail and are not considered may be picked up at the delivery location within 14 calendar days of contract award and/or the completion of the competitive process.

  • Fail or refuse to accept ‘arithmetical corrections’ as per provision of tender document.

  • Should the Applicant Fail to Perform any of its obligations under this Agreement in any degree, the Applicant agrees to compensate the City for all its costs, including Incidental Costs, related to the Applicant's Failure to Perform its obligations to the extent that such costs are not adequately covered by the Warranty Amount.

More Definitions of Fail

Fail. : shall mean a Collateral Instruction of DVP operation, FOP or FOP-R not totally settled or partially settled at the end of the Intended Settlement Date (ISD);
Fail means the removal by the Approved Settlement Facility of the whole or part of:
Fail means that the report is materially inaccurate or misleading; such a report
Fail means that the majority of the exam was not acceptable. The student will be given one additional opportunity to retake either the entire exam or a portion of the exam, as determined by ELPS faculty reviewers. Explicit criteria outlined from the faculty review process will be communicated to the student by the Academic Advisor. The student may be instructed to retake the exam on the DU campus with a proctor. Two faculty members will read the exam and rate it as either “Pass” or “Fail.” The ELPS PhD student must pass the comprehensive exam in order to graduate.
Fail equates to "No". "Pass" equates to "Yes". FAIL The lease contains a bargain purchase option. "Fail" equates to "No". "Pass" equates to "Yes". FAIL The lease term is equal to 75% or more of the estimated economic life of the leased property, and the beginning of the lease term does not fall within the last 25% of the total economic life of the leased property. Original Economic Years into Economic Remaining Economic Term of Deal (yrs) % of Life TriggerPlant Life (yrs) Plant Life Plant Life (yrs) Test 35 0 35 20 57% 75% FAIL Beginning of Plant Ending of Plant Life (yrs) Last 25% Date Beginning of Lease Test 6/1/2009 5/31/2044 35 9/1/2035 6/1/2009 FAIL FAIL The present value of the minimum lease payments at the beginning of the lease term is 90% or more of the fair value to the lessor less any investment credit retained by the lessor. This requirement cannot be used if the lease's inception is in the last 25% of the useful economic life of the leased asset. The interest rate, used to compute the PV, is the incremental borrowing rate of the lessee unless the implicit rate is available and lower. Percentage of Capacity PMT that is Executory Costs (%) Cost to Build $/KW MW FMV $ PV Minimum Lease Pmts Trigger (90% of Test(Non-Executory Costs) FMV) 25% $700 420 $294,000,000 $209,583,165 $264,600,000 FAIL Designation: OPERATING LEASE RFP2009 APPENDIX G Bidder Site Control Form September 2005 Appendix G RFP 2009 Bidder Site Control Form Project Name: Site Location: Street Address or Nearest Intersection: Acres: Distance to Natural Gas Supply: Distance to Water Supply (if not using ACC): Check items that are applicable:  Property is owned by Bidder.  Property is leased by Bidder, with an Option to buy.  Lease/Option Expires:  Property is Optioned by Bidder through (date): _  Option is Exclusive or Non-Exclusive  Option is to Purchase or Lease  Site is selected, but not formally secured.  Site will require zoning change as part of permitting process. APPENDIX G
Fail or “failure” means a term used in the audit process or an Audit Summary Report to denote that demonstrated response to audit standards is outside the audit limits on at least one criterion;
Fail means refuse or fail;