ABLE definition

ABLE means achieving a better life experience.
ABLE means being physically and mentally capable of caring for a child in a responsible manner.
ABLE means physically and mentally capable of car- ing for a child in a responsible manner. If you claim one par- ent is unable to care for the children, you must provide writ- ten documentation from a licensed professional (see WAC 388-448-0020) that states the:

Examples of ABLE in a sentence

  • However, the ABLE based implementation of SNOBASE, which also models OWL facts as rules, allowed us to write these in Able Rules Language.

  • Able to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances14.

  • CO2: Able to apply listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in societal and professional life.CO3: Able to demonstrate the skills necessary to be a competent Interpersonal communicator.

  • CO3: Determination of input-offset voltage, input bias current and Slew rate, Common- mode Rejection ratio, Bandwidth and Off-set null of OPAMPs.CO4: Able to know the application of Diode, BJT & OPAMP.List of Experiment:1.

  • Able to problem solve and make decisions independently; refers difficult questions and unusual situations to supervisor9.

More Definitions of ABLE

ABLE means the applicant has or can provide adequate facilities, vehicles and equipment to perform the service proposed; the applicant certifies that these vehicles comply with all Oregon laws and rules covering vehicle safety and operations, and will be so maintained; and there is no significant evidence concerning the proposed service submitted by the applicant, by members of the public, or in the department's files that suggests a compelling reason to deny the application. Examples of evidence of a compelling reason to deny an application may include a record of a pattern of violations of laws or rules administered by the Department, or two or more complaints from customers regarding applicant's unsatisfactory resolution of loss or damage claims.
ABLE means an employee who possesses the educational require- ments, relevant experience and general ability to per- form the work. The parties recognize that the educational requirements, relevant experience and general ability to satisfactorily perform the work, varies from one position to another. The Company has the right to establish the requirements for each position.
ABLE means the achieving a better life experience act.
ABLE shall have the meaning set forth in the preface above.
ABLE means Able Telcom Holding Corp.
ABLE means an employee who possesses the educational requirements, relevant experience, successfully meets the requirements of the job transfer exercise (passing grade is 50%), and has the general ability to perform the work. The Employer will notify the successful applicant(s) within fourteen (14) calendar days of the posting coming down.