Event Authorization definition

Event Authorization means, a event authorization document issued by UNDP or such other document or form as, from time to time, may be authorized by UNDP in writing to the Event Agent for such use.NOW THEREFORE, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

Examples of Event Authorization in a sentence

  • LINE LOSS:Line Loss shall be 1.43% as provided in Special Provision (o).

  • The form can be either submitted to the COA office or scanned and attached to the organization’s Event Authorization Request online.

  • Part of the cash request is assuring that the event has been authorized by the Event Authorization Committee.

  • Post a copy of this diagram with Daily License, Catering Authorization or Event Authorization where the event is held.

  • An organization must have completed the Event Authorization Request in order to obtain approval to use the gambling permit.

  • Event can proceed, have fun, be safe!Non-Standard Food Event Authorization IS required prior to event.

  • Non-Standard Food Event Authorization (NSFEA)Food events that require use of a “Non-Standard Food Event Authorization” must receive approval from the Campus Contract Administrator prior to the event taking place.

  • Special consideration should be given to civilians in the following situations: i) This function has been performed by Department of Defense civilian employees at any time during the previous ten-year period.

  • The Special Event Application is a form that each Customer must submit in order to receive permission to hold their event, though certain very small events are exempt from this requirement.The Special Event Authorization is a document that is issued to the Customer.

  • Food is ordered from the University Dining Services or the Campus Contract Administrator has approved a Non-Standard Food Event Authorization if required.2. The food is an acceptable expenditure per the UWS guidelines for the use of student segregated fees (FPPP 20).3.

Related to Event Authorization

  • Environmental Authorization Any license, permit, order, approval, consent, notice, registration, filing or other form of permission or authorization required under any Environmental Law.

  • Product Authorizations means any and all approvals, including applicable supplements, amendments, pre- and post-approvals, clearances, licenses, notifications, registrations, certifications or authorizations of any Governmental Authority, any Regulatory Agency necessary for the preclinical or clinical testing, manufacture, development, distribution, use, storage, import, export, transport, promotion, marketing, sale or other commercialization of a Product in any country or jurisdiction.

  • Government Authorizations means all such approvals, consents, authorizations, acknowledgements, licenses or permits required to be issued by any Government Authority to the Company for the establishment of the Company or to the Company or the Contractors for the construction, financing, ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Facility by the Company or the Contractors, including, without limitation, those Government Authorizations listed in Schedule 1;

  • Environmental Authorizations means all licenses, permits, orders, approvals, notices, registrations or other legal prerequisites for conducting the business of the Borrower required by any Environmental Requirement.

  • Sell Authorization means that Partner needs to meet specific training and qualification requirements for the products included in an “On Premise” Product Family that Partner wants to resell as set out in detail in the PartnerEdge Program Guide and the applicable RSPI.

  • Investment authority means the responsibility conferred by action of law or a provision of an appropriate governing instrument to make, select or change investments, review investment decisions made by others, or to provide investment advice or counsel to others;

  • Governmental Authorization means any permit, license, authorization, plan, directive, consent order or consent decree of or from any Governmental Authority.

  • Management Authority means a national management authority designated in accordance with Article IX;

  • Development Authority means the New Jersey Schools

  • Environmental Approval means any consent, authorisation, licence or approval of any governmental or public body or authorities or courts applicable to any Relevant Ship or its operation or the carriage of cargo and/or passengers thereon and/or the provision of goods and/or services on or from such Relevant Ship required under any Environmental Law;

  • Regulatory Authorizations means all approvals, clearances, authorizations, registrations, certifications, licenses and permits granted by any Regulatory Authority.

  • Environmental Approvals means any present or future permit, licence, approval, ruling, variance, exemption or other authorisation required under the applicable Environmental Laws.

  • Governmental Consent means any notice to, registration, declaration or filing with, exemption or review by, or authorization, order, consent or approval of, any Governmental Entity, or the expiration or termination of any statutory waiting periods;

  • Work Authorization or "WA" means Buyer’s authorization in either electronic or tangible form for Supplier to conduct transactions under this Agreement in accordance with the applicable SOW (i.e., a purchase order, xxxx of lading, or other Buyer designated document). A SOW is a WA only if designated as such in writing by Buyer.

  • Conditional approval means a time-limited status that results when an approved nursing education program has failed to maintain requirements as set forth in this chapter.

  • Competent Authority and ‘Appellate Authority’ shall mean the following:

  • Prior authorization means that we must approve the Services in advance in order for the Services to be covered.

  • ACH Authorization means the ACH Debit Authorization Agreement in substantially the form of Exhibit H.

  • Required Consent has the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.

  • Governmental Authorizations means any approval, consent, license, permit, waiver, or other authorization issued, granted, given, or otherwise made available by or under the authority of any Governmental Entity or pursuant to any Legal Requirement.

  • Marketing Authorization means all approvals from the relevant Regulatory Authority necessary to market and sell a Product in any country (including without limitation all applicable pricing and governmental reimbursement approvals even if not legally required to sell Product in a country).

  • Approval Authority means the authority of a Member State with competence for all aspects of the approval of a type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit or of the individual approval of a vehicle; for the authorisation process, for issuing and, if appropriate, withdrawing approval certificates; for acting as the contact point for the approval authorities of other Member States; for designating the technical services and for ensuring that the manufacturer meets his obligations regarding the conformity of production;

  • Environmental Authority means any foreign, federal, state, local or regional government that exercises any form of jurisdiction or authority under any Environmental Requirement.

  • Special Approval means approval by a majority of the members of the Conflicts Committee.

  • Host Authority means the local authority appointed by the Parties under these arrangements to lead on a specified matter or function as set out in paragraphs 14 and 19.

  • Necessary Authorizations means all approvals and licenses from, and all filings and registrations with, any governmental or other regulatory authority, including, without limiting the foregoing, the Licenses and all approvals, licenses, filings and registrations under the Communications Act, necessary in order to enable the Borrower and its Subsidiaries to own, construct, maintain, and operate communications tower facilities and to invest in other Persons who own, construct, maintain, manage and operate communications tower facilities.