Encumbrances definition

Encumbrances means, in relation to The Work, any encumbrances such as mortgage, charge, pledge, lien, hypothecation, security interest, assignment, privilege or priority of any kind having the effect of security or other such obligations, and shall include any designation of loss payees or beneficiaries or any similar / arrangement under any insurance policy pertaining to the works.
Encumbrances means liens, charges, pledges, options, mortgages, deeds of trust, security interests, claims, restrictions (whether on voting, sale, transfer, disposition, or otherwise), easements, and other encumbrances of every type and description, whether imposed by law, agreement, understanding, or otherwise.
Encumbrances means mortgages, charges, pledges, security interests, liens, encumbrances, actions, claims, demands and equities of any nature whatsoever or howsoever arising and any rights or privileges capable of becoming any of the foregoing;

Examples of Encumbrances in a sentence

  • Encumbrances outstanding at year end are canceled, and reappropriated in the subsequent year.

  • Encumbrances outstanding at year end are carried over, and need not be re-appropriated.

  • Encumbrances represent commitments related to unperformed contracts for goods or services.

  • Encumbrances outstanding at year end are canceled, and need not be reappropriated in the subsequent year.

  • Encumbrances outstanding at year-end are reported within committed or assigned fund balances.

More Definitions of Encumbrances

Encumbrances means any security or other property interest or right, claim, lien, pledge, option, charge, security interest, contingent or conditional sale, or other title claim or retention agreement, interest or other right or claim of third parties, whether perfected or not perfected, voluntarily incurred or arising by operation of law, and including any agreement (other than this Agreement) to grant or submit to any of the foregoing in the future.
Encumbrances means any lien, encumbrance, hypothecation, charge, mortgage, equity, trust, equitable interest, claim, preference, right of possession, right of seizure, lease, tenancy, license, covenant, interference, proxy, right of first refusal, option or right of first option, preemptive right, community property interest, legend, defect, impediment, exception, limitation, impairment, imperfection of title or restriction of any nature (including any restrictions on the voting of any Security, any restriction on the Transfer of any Security or other asset, any restriction on the receipt of any income derived from any asset, any restriction on the use of any asset and any restriction on the possession, exercise or transfer of any other attribute of ownership of any asset);