Definition of EFH/EFIH Debtors

EFH/EFIH Debtors means, collectively: (a) the EFH Debtors; and (b) the EFIH Debtors, as listed on Exhibit A to the Plan.
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If the Alternative E-Side Plan is not consummated with respect to the EFH/EFIH Debtors, or if this Agreement is terminated for any reason, the Parties fully reserve any and all of their rights, except as otherwise expressly set forth in this Agreement.
Immediately following the delivery by the Ad Hoc TCEH First Lien Committee of the Plan Support Termination Notice, the Debtors filed the Plan, which contemplated (a) with respect to the TCEH Debtors, the Alternative Restructuring Terms including the TCEH Cash Payment and (b) with respect to the EFH/EFIH Debtors, either an investment from third party or existing creditors or a standalone transaction.
As described in Section I and above, the Ad Hoc Committee of TCEH First Lien Lenders delivered a Plan Support Termination Notice on May 1, 2016, which terminated the obligations of the parties to the Original Plan Support Agreement to support the Original Confirmed Plan and which gave rise to the EFH/EFIH Debtors ability to terminate the agreement governing the REIT-Merger.
Such funds shall not be considered property of the Estates of the Debtors or the Reorganized EFH/EFIH Debtors (except to the extent any excess funds are distributed to the EFH/EFIH Cash Distribution Account, in accordance with the terms of the Plan, and solely after such distribution to the EFH/EFIH Cash Distribution Account).
NEE and the EFH/EFIH Debtors hereby agree to use good faith efforts to amend and supplement the Filed Alternative E-Side Plan as promptly as practicable following the date of this Agreement and to otherwise finalize the Alternative E-Side Plan to reflect the terms and provisions set forth in this Agreement.