Debtors definition

Debtors means, individually, any of the above-captioned debtors and debtors-in-possession and, collectively, all of the above-captioned debtors and debtors-in-possession.
Debtors means the Borrower's customers who are indebted to the Borrower.
Debtors means, collectively, the above-captioned debtors and debtors in possession identified on the cover page to this Plan.

Examples of Debtors in a sentence

The Debtors in these chapter 11 cases, along with the last four digits of each Debtor’s federal tax identification number, are: BJ Services, LLC (3543); BJ Management Services, L.P. (8396); BJ Services Holdings Canada, ULC (6181); and BJ Services Management Holdings Corporation (0481).

If no Contract Objections are timely received by the Contract Objection Deadline, the Debtors may immediately enter into and perform under the Coal Sale Contracts listed in the Confidential Notice and take any actions and execute any agreements or other documentation that are necessary or desirable to effectuate such contracts and the transactions contemplated thereunder.

Such Critical Vendor shall immediately repay to the Debtors any payments received on account of its prepetition claim to the extent that the aggregate amount of such payments exceeds the postpetition obligations then outstanding to such Critical Vendor, without the right of setoff, recoupment or reclamation, and the Critical Vendor’s prepetition claim shall be reinstated as a prepetition claim in these Chapter 11 Cases and subject to the terms of any bar date order entered in these Chapter 11 Cases.

The Debtors assigned a 10% discount to the Great American estimate for the low recovery scenario and a 10% premium for the high recovery scenario.

The Debtors can, without further delay, assume or assume and assign the Assumed Contracts that are the subject of an objection.

More Definitions of Debtors

Debtors means, collectively: (a) the TCEH Debtors; (b) the EFIH Debtors; (c) the EFH Debtors; and (d) the EFH Shared Services Debtors. As used herein, the term “Debtors” shall refer to the TCEH Debtors when referencing the plan of reorganization of the TCEH Debtors, shall refer to the EFH Debtors when referencing the plan of reorganization of the EFH Debtors, shall refer to the EFIH Debtors when referencing the plan of reorganization of the EFIH Debtors, and shall refer to the EFH Shared Services Debtors when referencing the plan of reorganization of the EFH Shared Services Debtors.
Debtors means, collectively, each of the entities identified on Exhibit A attached hereto.
Debtors means MLC, REALM, and ENCORE.
Debtors means, collectively, CDSI, CCG, and CCS, whether as debtor or as debtor-in-possession.
Debtors. Intra-Group Receivables” means, in relation to a member of the Group, any liabilities and obligations owed to any Debtor (whether actual or contingent and whether incurred solely or jointly) by that member of the Group.
Debtors means the Company Parties that commence Chapter 11 Cases.
Debtors means, collectively, each of the following: Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC, Bergdorf Goodman Inc., Bergdorf Graphics, Inc., BG Productions, Inc., Mariposa Borrower, Inc., Mariposa Intermediate Holdings LLC, NEMA Beverage Corporation, NEMA Beverage Holding Corporation, NEMA Beverage Parent Corporation, NM Bermuda, LLC, NM Financial Services, Inc., NM Nevada Trust, NMG California Salon LLC, NMG Florida Salon LLC, NMG Global Mobility, Inc., NMG Notes PropCo LLC, NMG Salon Holdings LLC, NMG Salons LLC, NMG Term Loan PropCo LLC, NMG Texas Salon LLC, NMGP, LLC, The Neiman Marcus Group LLC, The NMG Subsidiary LLC, and Worth Avenue Leasing Company.