DIP definition

DIP means debtor-in-possession.
DIP means (1) the debtor in possession in a chapter 11 case in which no trustee has been appointed and is serving, and (2) the debtor in possession in a chapter 12 case in which the debtor has not been removed under §1204 without reinstatement.
DIP means the angle at which a stratum is inclined from the horizontal.

Examples of DIP in a sentence

  • This Agreement and the other Loan Documents have been duly executed and delivered by each of the Loan Parties and its Subsidiaries party thereto, and, subject to the DIP Orders, constitute the legal, valid and binding obligations of each of the Loan Parties and its Subsidiaries party thereto, enforceable against each such Loan Party and its Subsidiaries in accordance with their respective terms without defense, set-off or counterclaim.

  • Nothing contained herein shall limit the Revolving Credit Agent and the Revolving Secured Parties from proposing any DIP Financing which does not comply with each of the foregoing requirements (including, without limitation, proposing DIP Financing in excess of the Maximum Revolving Debt Amount secured by first priority Liens on such DIP Financing as it deems necessary to protect the interests of the Secured HY Note Holders.

  • It is not practical to include all of their CVs, but the DIP does include the CV of another Health Unit staff member who already has contributed substantially to the development of the DIP, and who will continue to provide support to the Child Survival Program: the Environmental Health and Child Survival Program Manager.

  • Steps for follow-up and supervision of TBAs (and other community health workers) are outlined in the DIP and include collecting and giving feedback on monthly activity reports, holding a monthly coordination and training meeting with PHU staff, and periodic refresher training.

  • Subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and subject to the applicable DIP Orders, the Lenders severally agree to make available a total credit facility of up to the Maximum Revolver Amount (the “Total Facility”) for the Borrowers’ use from time to time during the term of this Agreement.

More Definitions of DIP

DIP means the angle between a planar feature, such as a sedimentary bed or a fault, and the horizontal plane.
DIP means the Disability Insurance Program as defined in 29 Del.C. §5256 of the Delaware Code. "DIP Insurance Carrier and/or Administrator" means the State's selected vendor for this service.
DIP means angle of inclination of a geological feature/rock from the horizontal
DIP means the maximum angle that a structural surface makes with the horizontal, measured perpendicular to the strike of the structure and in the vertical plane;
DIP means the Dairy Innovation Program.