Don definition

Don t come bet” shall mean a wager placed on the “don’t come” area of the layout at any time after the come-out roll.
Don means the Director of Nursing. The Director of Nursing is an Employee who is a Registered Nurse appointed as the principal nursing executive officer, however styled, and who is responsible for the nursing service and any other service (including the training of nurses).
Don t worry. That means the mortgage can be sold by the lender, but you’re not affected.”

Examples of Don in a sentence

OUTSTANDING Request to Mayor Don Wesely - RE: The SRO process (RFI#71 - 9/20/02).

Ph.D. thesis, University of Amsterdam.Aalberse, Suzanne & Jan Don (2011).

In response to a question on low adoption by the beef industry at the AGM of MLA in 2017, Don Mackay, the chair of the Red Meat Advisory Council drew attention to the cotton industry where the use of paid consultants with specialised expertise was common place” There is a well-developed consultancy system in many areas of agriculture: cotton, grains, feedlots”.

To induce more players to chose the hardbat events over the simultaneous sponge events, Don Varian (of Hock Table Tennis) is offering a free Hock Tee shirt to each HB participant, and Don and Scott Gordon are offering loaner hardbat paddles.

There are four Step Forward Society members Don and Jan Ott, Anne Arnesen, Don and Beth Maurer (new), and Christine and Christopher Rew Barden (new).

More Definitions of Don

Don t you know what psychology means?” asked Flambeau with friendly surprise. “Psychology means being off your chump.”
Don t pass bet” shall mean a wager placed on the don’t pass line of the layout immediately prior to the come-out roll.
Don t make up your mind on this significant question between originalism and playing it by ear on the basis of whether, now and then, the latter approach might give you a result you like,” Justice Scalia said.
Don t you know what this means ?" they replied. "It means we' ll never have to endure another one of those terrible Rus­ sian winters! "
Don t blindly follow others, make your own path”.