Distributable Cash Flow definition

Distributable Cash Flow means the cash flow available for distribution to Shareholders as dividends as described under “Dividends”;
Distributable Cash Flow means any Available Funds after (i) paying the ordinary and necessary expenses of the Company, (ii) paying any debts or liabilities of the Company to the extent required under any agreement with any lender or creditor (including any Member) and (iii) establishing reserves to meet current or reasonably expected obligations of the Company as the Management Committee determines in its sole discretion.
Distributable Cash Flow means, for any Distribution Period, an amount equal to the Cash Flow for such Distribution Period, less any amount that the Board may reasonably consider to be necessary to provide for the payment of any costs or expenses, including any tax liability of the Holding LP, the Holding GP or the Fund, that have been or are reasonably expected to be incurred in the activities and operations of the Holding LP, Holding GP or the Fund (to the extent that such costs or expenses have not otherwise been taken into account in the calculation of the Cash Flow) and less such reserves or amounts as are, in the opinion of the Board, necessary or desirable;

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  • In addition, our calculations of Adjusted EBITDA and Distributable Cash Flow may not be consistent with similarly titled measures of other companies and should be viewed in conjunction with measurements that are computed in accordance with GAAP, such as gross margin, operating income, net income, and cash flow from operating activities.

  • Adjusted EBITDA and Distributable Cash Flow, as adjusted, are non-GAAP financial measures of performance that have limitations and should not be considered as a substitute for net income.

  • Adjusted EBITDA and Distributable Cash Flow are non-GAAP financial measures.

  • Please refer to the discussion and tables under "Reconciliations of Non-GAAP Measures" later in this news release for a discussion of our use of Adjusted EBITDA and Distributable Cash Flow, as adjusted, and a reconciliation to net income.

  • However, to the extent that noncontrolling interests exist among our subsidiaries, the Distributable Cash Flow generated by our subsidiaries may not be available to be distributed to our partners.

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Distributable Cash Flow means taxable income reportable by a
Distributable Cash Flow means any Available Funds not required to meet current or anticipated obligations of the Company, as determined by the Managers in their sole discretion. In determining what cash is available for distribution, the Managers may retain such amounts as the Managers in their sole discretion determine will be required to pay the Company's debts, obligations and expenses, whether then accrued or anticipated to accrue in the future.
Distributable Cash Flow has the meaning assigned to such term in the Partnership Agreement, as in effect on the date of this Indenture.
Distributable Cash Flow means, with respect to any Fiscal Quarter or other period, Available Cash Flow for such Fiscal Quarter or other Period minus any payments required to be made pursuant to Section 3.4(d) hereof.
Distributable Cash Flow means, without duplication, as of any date of determination, an amount equal to the aggregate sum of the following for the MLP and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis, in each case calculated for the immediately preceding fiscal quarter (provided, however, with respect to the fiscal quarter ending on June 30, 2021, such calculation shall be made after giving effect to the making of the Loan): (a) Consolidated Net Income plus (b) to the extent deducted in determining Consolidated Net Income, (i) provision for federal, state and local taxes payable (other than cash taxes paid or payable during such relevant period), (ii) interest expense (other than cash interest paid or payable during such relevant period), (iii) depreciation and amortization expense, (iv) non-cash unit based compensation expense, and (v) the MLP’s proportional share of the adjustments described in the foregoing clauses (i) through (iii) attributable to the equity method investee of the MLP and its Subsidiaries, minus (c) (i) Maintenance Capital Expenditures and (ii) the aggregate amount of Restricted Payments previously made pursuant to Section 7.06(e) during the fiscal quarter in which such date of determination occurs.
Distributable Cash Flow. This term shall have the meaning set forth in Section 302(a) of this Loan Agreement.
Distributable Cash Flow means all cash funds derived from operations of the Company (including interest received on reserves), without reduction for any non-cash charges, but less cash funds used to pay current operating expenses and to pay or establish a Reasonable Reserve for future expenses, debt payments (including, without limitation, payments of principal, interest, late fees, and penalties), capital improvements, replacements and taxes as determined by the Manager. Distributable Cash Flow shall be increased by the reduction of any reserve previously established.