Daily definition

Daily means a 24 hour period commencing at 00.00 hours.
Daily shall have the correlative meaning.
Daily means, in relation to an activity, that it is repeated on each Business Day.

Examples of Daily in a sentence

  • The Daily Settlement Amounts (if applicable) and the Daily Conversion Values (if applicable) shall be determined by the Company promptly following the last day of the Observation Period.

  • Additionally, for a Large DG Customer, the minimum charge shall also include the Demand Charge per therm of Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) excluding the therms included in the Basic Service Charge.

  • The charge for such Unauthorized Gas Usage shall be $10.00 per MMBtu plus the highest price reported in Gas Daily in the midpoint column of the Daily Price Survey for the following locations for the month in which the Unauthorized Gas Use occurred: Dawn, Ontario; ANR, ML7; Chicago city-gates; Consumers city-gate; or MichCon city-gate for all gas taken by Customer in excess of MDQ and/or ACQ (less Gas-in-Kind).

  • Attach all applicable invoices not provided in prior Daily Force Account Reports and complete the information below.

  • Daily activities will vary based on each location, and will require flexibility on the part of the student.

More Definitions of Daily

Daily means once every calendar day worked.
Daily means 5 days per week, on each non-holiday workday. "DCMR" means the official residence of the Deputy Chief of Mission.
Daily means any 24-hour period;
Daily means twenty-four (24) consecutive hours beginning at 9:00 am CST or as designated by LMM.
Daily means every Working Day.
Daily means any 24-Hour period commencing at 00:00:00 Hours.
Daily means processes relating to Auctions with Product Period of one (1) Contract Day and associated Interconnector Capacity activities, the business process for which is described in Schedule 4;