Credit reporting agency definition

Credit reporting agency means a corporation that carries on a credit reporting business.
Credit reporting agency means any person who, for monetary fees or dues or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, regularly assembles or evaluates credit information for the purpose of furnishing credit reports to creditors.

Examples of Credit reporting agency in a sentence

  • Credit reporting agency duties if security freeze in place If a security freeze is in place, a credit reporting agency shall not change any of the following official in- formation in a credit report without sending a written confirmation of the change to the consumer within 30 days of the change being posted to the consumer's file: name, date of birth, Social Security number, and ad- dress.

More Definitions of Credit reporting agency

Credit reporting agency means (1) a reporting agency as defined at 4 CFR 102.5(a), or (2) any entity which has en- tered into an agreement with USDA concerning the referral of credit infor- mation.
Credit reporting agency means a person that, for a monetary fee, dues, or on a
Credit reporting agency or “agency” means any person which, for
Credit reporting agency has the meaning given in section 6 of the Privacy Act.
Credit reporting agency means a reporting agency that regularly
Credit reporting agency means any of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion or any comparable firm designated as such by mutual agreement of the Parties.