Corporate Operations definition

Corporate Operations the activities and operations of the Company's corporate administrative group and the senior executive management of the Company, which activities and op- erations do not primarily relate to or primarily arise from the Safety Business. Distribution Date: the date determined by the Com- pany Board as of which the Distribution shall be effected, which is presently contemplated to be April 30, 1997.

Examples of Corporate Operations in a sentence

  • The principle projects and programs to be supported by this SOW may include the following: Corporate Planning and Corporate Operations as they relate to the Mission Support Services Department, Comptroller Department, Applied Science and Demand Management Department and Command Staff.

  • Mr. Tahir Yaqoob Bhatti Mr. Tahir Yaqoob Bhatti has over 30 years of diverse experience in Retail, Commercial, Corporate, Operations, Special Assets Management and Digital Banking.

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with federal and state laws, Pima County regulations and ordinances, and GVR’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Policy Manual, and Corporate Operations Manual.

  • Central service groups include the Corporate Operations Group (COG), Financial Management Group (FMG),Risk Management Group (RMG), Legal and Governance and Central Executive.

  • Anne-Marie Beaudoin Corporate SecretaryAutorité des marchés financiers Tour de la Bourse, P.O. Box 246 800 Victoria Square, 22nd Floor Montréal, Québec H4Z 1G3E-mail:consultation-en- cours@lautorite.qc.caManager, Market Regulation Market Regulation Branch Ontario Securities Commission Suite 2200,20 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3S8 Fax: 416-595-8940email: For any question or clarification, Clearing Members may contact CDCC’s Corporate Operations.

  • Users belonging to the user role ‘COEROLE’ (Corporate Operations Executive) can perform this activity.

  • This committee includes senior executives from theConsolidated Entity’s Operating Groups, Financial Management Group (FMG), Risk Management Group (RMG), Corporate Operations Group (COG) and Legal and Governance team.The Consolidated Entity is conducting a detailed analysis of its use of LIBOR across existing and new legal agreements, systems, models and processes.

  • Central service groups include the Corporate Operations Group (COG), Financial Management Group (FMG), Risk Management Group (RMG), Legal and Governance and Central Executive.

  • All budget holders, Corporate Operations Board and the Strategic Leadership Board have been consulted throughout the budget setting process.

  • The Oversight Committee is comprised of the following designees, each an employee of Macquarie Bank Limited:  A Managing Director in the Metals, Mining and Agriculture division of the Commodities and Financial Markets group; A Director from the Legal and Governance group; A representative from the Technology division of the Corporate Operations Group; A representative from the Risk division of the Risk Management Group; and A representative from the Compliance division of the Risk Management Group.

Related to Corporate Operations

  • Business operations means engaging in commerce in any form, including by acquiring, developing, maintaining, owning, selling, possessing, leasing, or operating equipment, facilities, personnel, products, services, personal property, real property, or any other apparatus of business or commerce.

  • Branch operations means any business operations of a branch captive insurance company in this State.

  • Production Operations means all operations conducted for the purpose of producing Petroleum from the Development Area after the commencement of production from the Development Area including the operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities therefor.

  • Operations means all the activities conducted by PURCHASER under this contract, including project work, logging, or post harvest activities; or the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract.

  • Radiographic operations means all activities performed with a radiographic exposure device, or with a radiation machine. Activities include using, transporting except by common or contract carriers, or storing at a temporary job site, performing surveys to confirm the adequacy of boundaries, setting up equipment, and any activity inside restricted area boundaries. Transporting a radiation machine is not considered a radiographic operation.

  • Health Care Operations shall have the meaning given to such term under the HIPAA 2 Privacy Rule in 45 CFR § 164.501.

  • Exploration Operations means operations conducted in the Contract Area pursuant to this Contract in searching for Petroleum and in the course of an Appraisal Programme and shall include but not be limited to aerial, geological, geophysical, geochemical, palaeontological, palynological, topographical and seismic surveys, analysis, studies and their interpretation, investigations relating to the subsurface geology including structural test drilling, stratigraphic test drilling, drilling of Exploration Xxxxx and Appraisal Xxxxx and other related activities such as surveying, drill site preparation and all work necessarily connected therewith that is conducted in connection with Petroleum exploration.

  • Corporate Defendants means Money Now Funding, LLC, a/k/a Money

  • Commercial Operations Upon satisfaction of the following conditions, the Facility shall be considered to have achieved Commercial Operations on the Day specified in Seller's written notice described below: (i) the Acceptance Test has been passed, (ii) all generating units have passed Control System Acceptance Tests, (iii) the Transfer Date has occurred, (iv) Seller has (1) provided to Company the Required Models (as defined in Section 6(a) (Seller's Obligation to Provide Models) of Attachment B (Facility Owned by Seller)) in the form of Source Code, (2) placed the current version of the Source Code for the Required Models with the Source Code Escrow Agent as required in Section 6(b)(i)(A) (Establishment of Source Code Escrow) of Attachment B (Facility Owned by Seller), or (3) if Seller is unable to arrange for the placement of the appropriate Source Code into the Source Code Escrow account, placed the required funds with the Monetary Escrow Agent as required in Section 6(b)(ii)(A) (Establishment of Monetary Escrow) of Attachment B (Facility Owned by Seller), and (v) Seller provides Company with written notice that (aa) Seller is ready to declare the Commercial Operations Date and (bb) the Commercial Operations Date will occur within 24 hours (i.e., the next Day).

  • Salvage operation means any business, trade or industry engaged in whole or in part in salvaging or reclaiming any product or material, including but not limited to metals, chemicals, shipping containers or drums.

  • Inactive business operations means the mere continued holding or renewal of rights to property previously operated for the purpose of generating revenues but not presently deployed for such purpose.

  • System Operations means the Power Producer's operation; maintenance and repair of the System performed in accordance the requirement herein.

  • Railway Operation means the construction and operation under this Agreement of the relevant Railway and associated access roads and Additional Infrastructure (if any) within the relevant Railway Corridor and of the associated Lateral Access Roads, in accordance with approved proposals;

  • Areas of Operations means the locations where PURCHASER performs the operations described in the contract.

  • Active business operations means all business operations that are not inactive business operations.

  • Development Operations means operations conducted in accordance with the Development Plan and shall include, but not be limited to the purchase, shipment or storage of equipment and materials used in developing Petroleum accumulations, the drilling, completion and testing of Development Xxxxx, the drilling and completion of Xxxxx for Gas or water injection, the laying of gathering lines, the installation of offshore platforms and installations, the installation of separators, tankages, pumps, artificial lift and other producing and injection facilities required to produce, process and transport Petroleum into main Oil storage or Gas processing facilities, either onshore or offshore, including the laying of pipelines within or outside the Contract Area, storage at Delivery Point(s), the installation of said storage or Gas processing facilities, the installation of export and loading facilities and other facilities required for the development and production of the said Petroleum accumulations and for the delivery of Crude Oil and/or Gas at the Delivery Point and also including incidental operations not specifically referred to herein but required for the most efficient and economic development and production of the said Petroleum accumulations in accordance with modern oilfield and petroleum industry practices.

  • Mining Operations means every kind of work done by the Operator:

  • sustainable development means development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • Operational means that the system or sensor, at the time of the event, is active or can be activated/deactivated by the driver.

  • Drilling operations means the drilling of an oil and gas well and the production and completion operations ensuing from the drilling which require entry upon the surface estate and which were commenced after June 30, 1979, and oil and gas geophysical and seismograph exploration activities commenced after June 30, 1983.

  • Corporate Defendant means CardReady, LLC, and its assigns and successors.

  • experimental development means acquiring, combining, shaping and using existing scientific, technological, business and other relevant knowledge and skills with the aim of developing new or improved products, processes or services. This may also include, for example, activities aiming at the conceptual definition, planning and documentation of new products, processes or services;

  • Restricted business operations means business operations in Sudan that include power production activities, mineral extraction activities, oil-related activities, or the production of military equipment, as those terms are defined in the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007 (Pub. L. 110-174). Restricted business operations do not include business operations that the person (as that term is defined in Section 2 of the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007) conducting the business can demonstrate—

  • Cannabis business means any business activity involving cannabis, including but not limited to cultivating, transporting, distributing, manufacturing, compounding, converting, processing, preparing, storing, packaging, delivering, testing, dispensing, retailing and wholesaling of cannabis, of cannabis products or of ancillary products and accessories, whether or not carried on for gain or profit.

  • CHIEF MECHANICAL ENGINEER means the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Chennai Port Trust.

  • Major development means an individual “development,” as well as multiple developments that individually or collectively result in: