Contained definition

Contained means held in a unit (including a land-based unit as defined in this subpart) that meets the following criteria:
Contained means held in a unit, including a land-based unit as defined in R315-260-10, that meets the following criteria:
Contained means held in a unit (including a land-based unit, as defined in this Section) that meets either of the following containment situations:

Examples of Contained in a sentence

  • No. 11609, July 22, 1971, 36 F.R. 13747, set out as a note under section 301 of Title 3, The President.Improvements in Debt Collection Procedures Under 1982 Amendments as Contained in Debt Collection Act of 1982 Inapplicable to Claims or Indebtedness Under Internal Revenue Code, So- cial Security Act, or Tariff LawsSection 8(e) of Pub.

  • Contained in Horizon's Catalog of Points are points which Horizon has designated as "Central Delivery Points" (CDPs).

  • Fire Station 36 is responsible for repairing and maintaining approximately 450 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (“SCBA”) and approximately 1,400 Air Cylinders used by City of San Diego and Poway firefighters.102 The Balboa Branch Library is a designated cool zone.

  • Contained within the revenue budget during the year has been the funding of the Corporate Priorities for both the revenue and capital schemes.

  • GASB Statement No. 62 “Codification of Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidance Contained in Pre-November 30, 1989 FASB and AICPA Pronouncements” incorporates certain accounting and financial reporting guidance issued on or before November 30, 1989, into the GASB’s authoritative literature that do not conflict with or contradict GASB pronouncements.

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Contained means held in a unit that meets the following crite-
Contained or "set forth in" any such document (or similar expressions) shall be similarly construed; and any reference herein to the terms "amend", "amendment" or "supplement" with respect to the Registration Statement, any Preliminary Prospectus or the Prospectuses shall be deemed to refer to and include the filing of any document under the Exchange Act after the Effective Time of the Registration Statement, or the issue date of any Preliminary Prospectus or the Prospectuses, as the case may be, deemed to be incorporated therein by reference.
Contained means the intended condition of a prescribed burn, as set forth in the prescribed burning plan prepared pursuant to OAR 629-042-XX11(1).
Contained means that fire and smoldering exist entirely within established or natural firebreaks.
Contained disclosed" or "set forth" in any Preliminary Prospectus, the Prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto, or the Registration Statement or any amendment thereto (or other similar references) shall refer both to information and statements actually appearing in such document as well as information and statements incorporated by reference therein.
Contained means held in a unit, including a land-based unit, that meets the criteria of Regulation .04L(4) of this chapter;