Collateralized definition

Collateralized means, with respect to any Letter of Credit, that such Letter of Credit is secured by cash collateral arrangements and/or backstop letters of credit entered into on terms (and, with respect to any such backstop letters of credit, from issuers) reasonably satisfactory to the relevant Issuing Lender; and the termsCollateralize” and “Collateralization” shall have correlative meanings.
Collateralized means assets pledged by financial institutions in the event of failure of the financial institution.

Examples of Collateralized in a sentence

  • Collateralized mortgage obligations the interest rate of which is determined by an index that adjusts opposite to the changes in a market index.

  • Collateralized deductible and self-insured retention programs administered by a third party may be approved.

  • Collateralized mortgage obligations are secured by an underlying pool of mortgages or mortgage pass-through certificates that are structured to direct payments on underlying collateral to different series or classes of the obligations.

  • Collateralized mortgage obligations directly issued by a fed- eral agency or instrumentality of the United States, the under- lying security for which is guaranteed by an agency or instru- mentality of the United States;4.

  • Money market instruments includes commercial papers, commercial bills, treasury bills, Government securities having an unexpired maturity upto one year, call or notice money, certificate of deposit, Collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligations (CBLOs) and any other like instruments as specified by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time.

More Definitions of Collateralized

Collateralized fully” means that:
Collateralized means transactions for which collateral (money or substitute securities, etc.) is deposited or received.
Collateralized means the securing of a loan with collateral by a recorded and verified Lien. For collateral that is real property, “collateralized” shall mean the recording of a mortgage on real property that has a value (determined by Lincoln Bank based on an appraisal prepared by an independent licensed appraiser selected by Lincoln Bank) sufficient to pay the applicable loan in full subject to satisfaction of all Liens on such real property. For collateral that is cash, securities or life insurance policies, “collateralized” shall mean the placing of a Lien on such property that prevents the disbursement of such cash, securities or life insurance policies without approval from the applicable lender and that provides for quarterly documentation supporting the value of the applicable loan and any other Liens on such property.
Collateralized shall have meanings correlative to the foregoing and shall include the proceeds of such cash collateral and other credit support.
Collateralized shall have a corresponding meaning.