Coaching contract definition

Coaching contract means a separate contract between the employee and the local school board that includes responsibilities for an athletic coaching assignment.
Coaching contract means a booking document, registration form, letter of engagement, scope document, any mentoring product/service purchased from or through, application form, program outline, quotation or other written instruction describing the Services and requesting a contract for those Services;

Examples of Coaching contract in a sentence

  • If initial payments are not received in this timeframe then our proposal and/or Coaching contract will be withdrawn as per clause 2.1.

  • Recovery Coaching contract components at the Portland Recovery Center will also continue.

  • In Re Burton: Wily v Burton [1994] FCA 1146 Davies J held that the power of a bankrupt appointor to remove a trustee and appoint a new trustee was not property which vested in the bankruptcy trustee under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act.

  • Volleyball Coaching contract offer to Ms. Marie LeSavage for August 2012-November 2012, as presented.Ratification of Classified Resignation The Board ratified the resignation of classified 2012-2013 employee Carolyn Wallace from the CafeteriaWorker I position.

  • The tennis Coaching contract with Matt Bull, trading as Tennis Factory, has been recently negotiated to extend to 30th June 2023, with 6 months’ notice of intention to renew or terminate the Contract at end of the 5 year term.

  • Coaching contract – Still need to finalize the termination clause.

  • Coaching contract for Mike Bennett, Junior High Girls Basketball Coach.

  • All complaints/service requests will be reported/ conveyed through email/phone only.

  • The agency agrees to execute all documents, which may be required by the MSRLM in this regard 58 Section VII.

  • Palm moved, Mr. Oney seconded to rescind the JV Boys Basketball Coaching contract with Jim Johnston AYES: Mrs.

Related to Coaching contract

  • Training Contract means a contract or an agreement for a Traineeship made between the Employer and an Employee to whom this Agreement applies, and that is registered with the relevant State or Territory Training Authority.

  • Prospective contractor means a person who is subject to the competitive sealed proposal process set forth in the Procurement Code or is not required to submit a competitive sealed proposal because that person qualifies for a sole source or a small purchase contract.

  • Terms of Service means those Support Services and Professional Services terms posted at xxxx://, which are incorporated herein. Client acknowledges and agrees it has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the Terms of Service.

  • Selective contracting arrangement means an arrangement in which the NJ FamilyCare Program participates in selective contracting with one or more providers, and which arrangement contains reasonable benefit differentials, including, but not limited to, predetermined fee or reimbursement rates for covered benefits applicable to participating and nonparticipating providers.

  • contributory employment and support allowance means an allowance under Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 as amended by the provisions of Schedule 3, and Part 1 of Schedule 14, to the Welfare Reform Act 2012 that remove references to an income-related allowance and a contributory allowance under Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 as that Part has effect apart from those provisions;

  • Terms-of-service agreement means an agreement that controls the relationship between a user and a custodian.

  • Customer Contract means any written contract or agreement (other than trade contracts) between Seller and any of its customers (or under which Seller has rights) which has been entered into and signed by the parties thereto in connection with the publication of the Directories and corresponding provision of Directory Services.

  • Enrollee point-of-service cost-sharing means amounts paid to

  • Air contract service means an air carrier operation available only to customers

  • Scope of Services or “Scope of Work” means the work to be performed by the Proposer or Consultant as described in Section 2.0 of this RFP, as amended thereto.

  • Provider contract means any contract between a provider and a carrier (or a carrier's network,

  • Subcontractor employee, as used in this clause, means any officer, partner, employee, or agent of a subcontractor.

  • Self-service display means the open display or storage of Tobacco Products or Tobacco Paraphernalia in a manner that is physically accessible in any way to the general public without the assistance of the retailer or employee of the retailer and a direct person-to-person transfer between the purchaser and the retailer or employee of the retailer. A vending machine is a form of Self-Service Display.

  • Individual contract plan means a subcontracting plan that covers the entire contract period (including option periods), applies to a specific contract, and has goals that are based on the offeror’s planned subcontracting in support of the specific contract, except that indirect costs incurred for common or joint purposes may be allocated on a prorated basis to the contract.

  • Service Subcontract means a subcontract primarily for the furnishing of services, to or for a recipient of Assistance, except where services are incidental to the delivery of products, equipment or commodities. A contract for the purchase or lease of goods, products, equipment, supplies or other property is not a “service subcontract” for the purposes of this definition.

  • Self-service storage facility or "facility" means any real property designed or used for the purpose of renting or leasing individual storage space to tenants who are to have access to that space for the purpose of storing and removing personal property.

  • Basic generation service or "BGS" means electric generation

  • Company Contract means any Contract: (a) to which the Company is a party; (b) by which the Company or any of its assets is or may become bound or under which the Company has, or may become subject to, any obligation; or (c) under which the Company has or may acquire any right or interest.

  • Level of service has the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(c).

  • Basic generation service provider or "provider" means a

  • Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.

  • Master subcontracting plan means a subcontracting plan that contains all the required elements of an individual subcontracting plan, except goals, and may be incorporated into individual subcontracting plans, provided the master subcontracting plan has been approved.

  • Prime Contractor employee, as used in this clause, means any officer, partner, employee, or agent of a prime Contractor.

  • Contractor employee means prime Contractor and subcontractor employees who require agency access to perform work under a CMS contract.

  • converted employment and support allowance means an employment and support allowance which is not income-related and to which a person is entitled as a result of a conversion decision within the meaning of the Employment and Support Allowance (Existing Awards) Regulations 2008;

  • Contractor/Supplier means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigns approved by the Purchaser.