Claimed definition

Claimed have similar meanings.
Claimed means in respect of any product, material or formulation that it is within a Valid Claim of any Patent Rights.
Claimed means someone is working on the request (or has been) and “Unclaimed” means that no one is working on it.

Examples of Claimed in a sentence

  • To exercise its right of set-off, the Purchaser will give the Seller notice of any Claimed Set-off (a “Set-off Notice”), which notice will include reasonable detail as to the basis for and the amount of the Claimed Set-off.

  • Inquire of the Seller whether each Claimed Expense is related to the development, construction, operation and/or maintenance of the Selected Project.

  • QO22080481 ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF AGREEMENT The undersigned is an attorney, employee, or consultant, or expert for a party who has received, or is expected to receive, Confidential Information provided by Applicant or by another party (“Producing Party”) which has been identified and marked by the Producing Party as "Confidential Information." The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the Agreement of Non- Disclosure of Information Claimed to be Confidential and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

  • Claimed Expense – an expenditure included as an Eligible Economic Benefit in the Economic Benefits Reports prepared by the Seller.

  • Additionally, any such Information Claimed to be Confidential shall be provided in the form and manner prescribed by the Board's regulations at N.J.A.C. 14:1- 12 et seq., unless such information is to be kept confidential pursuant to court or administrative order.

  • Any written Notification of Claimed infringement should comply with Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c)(3)(A) and should be provided in writing c/o Dwell at Home, 0000 0xx Xxx X, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Please note: If you materially misrepresent that online material, product, or activity is infringing your copyrights, you may be liable for damages (including court costs and attorneys’ fees) and could be subject to criminal prosecution for perjury.

  • The Seller will have 10 Business Days from the date of receipt of the Set-off Notice to object in writing to the Claimed Set-off (a “Set-off Dispute Notice”).

  • A branch, office or worksite location of a non-New York State firm that operates within New York will be treated as a New York State Firm for the purposes of economic benefits verification so long as the supporting documentation from such firm makes evident that the Claimed Expense was for work performed in New York State, services provided in New York State, or for materials, goods, or equipment sourced from New York State.

  • Seller should provide each Economic Benefits Report to the Independent CPA, collect all supporting documentation to support the Claimed Expenses in the Economic Benefits Report, and submit all documentation requested by the Independent CPA as needed.

  • If the Seller fails to provide to the Purchaser a Set-off Dispute Notice within 10 Business Days of receipt of the Set-off Notice, the Purchaser shall be entitled to withhold and/or set-off the Claimed Set-off without further notice or obligation to the Seller.

More Definitions of Claimed

Claimed business profile means that you have access to edit the public information on the following platforms.
Claimed means to enforce, through technology and processes provided or specified by TTR in its sole discretion, Provider copyrights to User Video on YouTube and such other portions of the Network, if any, as TTR determines in its sole discretion.
Claimed in this case means claimed by the obligor or any of its related entities or anyone on behalf of any of them); or

Related to Claimed

  • Overpayment means payment in excess of the required fee. Overpayment of less than $10 received by the board shall not be refunded.

  • Claim means any claim, action, cause of action, demand, lawsuit, arbitration, inquiry, audit, notice of violation, proceeding, litigation, citation, summons, subpoena, or investigation of any nature, whether civil, criminal, administrative, regulatory or other, and whether at law, in equity or otherwise brought against an Indemnified Person.

  • Infringement Claim means a third party claim alleging that the Equipment manufactured by Motorola or the Motorola Software directly infringes a United States patent or copyright.

  • Overpayments as used in this Section include payments (i) made by the System Agency that exceed the maximum allowable rates; (ii) that are not allowed under applicable laws, rules, or regulations; or (iii) that are otherwise inconsistent with this Contract, including any unapproved expenditures. Xxxxxxx understands and agrees that it will be liable to the System Agency for any costs disallowed pursuant to financial and compliance audit(s) of funds received under this Contract. Xxxxxxx further understands and agrees that reimbursement of such disallowed costs shall be paid by Grantee from funds which were not provided or otherwise made available to Grantee under this Contract.

  • Deficiencies means defects arising from non-conformity with the mutually agreed specifications and/or failure or non-conformity in the Scope of the Services.

  • Cost Estimate means the detailed projected expenditure, including material costs and overhead, equipment costs and overhead, labor costs and overhead, and all taxes associated with each major material and service component, required for a line extension. It shall also separately identify any incremental costs associated with providing premium services. The Company may, for the purpose of standardization, establish standard construction cost estimates, for basic or premium service plans, which shall not exceed, in any event, the average cost of constructing such line extensions in the area involved, in which case the term “cost estimate” as used in this section will be understood to mean the standard estimate thus established.

  • Third Party Payment means payment through an instrument issued from a bank account other than that of the beneficiary investor. In case of payments from a joint bank account, the first named investor/holder of the mutual fund folio has to be one of the joint holders of the bank account from which payment is made.

  • Claims is defined in Section 12.3.

  • unaccompanied minor means a minor who arrives on the territory of the Member States unaccompanied by an adult responsible for him or her, whether by law or by the practice of the Member State concerned, and for as long as he or she is not effectively taken into the care of such an adult; it includes a minor who is left unaccompanied after he or she has entered the territory of Member States;

  • Invoice means a Contractor’s claim for payment. At the Agency’s discretion, claims may be submitted on an original invoice from the Contractor or may be submitted on a claim form acceptable to the Agency, such as a General Accounting Expenditure (GAX) form.