Claim or Litigation definition

Claim or Litigation means any challenge by any third party (whether legal, equitable, declaratory, administrative or adjudicatory in nature) (i) to the legality, validity or adequacy of the General Plan, Land Use Regulations, this Agreement, Development Approvals or other actions of the City pertaining to the Project, whether such actions are brought under the California Environmental Quality Act, the Planning and Zoning Law, the Subdivision Map Act Code of Civil Procedure Section 1085 or 1094.5, or any other state, federal or local statute, law, ordinance, rule, regulation, or any decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, or (ii) seeking damages against the City as a consequence of the foregoing actions, for the taking or diminution in value of their property or for any other reason.‌

Examples of Claim or Litigation in a sentence

  • City shall cooperate with Developer in the defense of any Claim or Litigation.

  • Developer agrees that City will forward monthly invoices to Developer for attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses it has incurred related to its defense of any Claim or Litigation and Xxxxxxxxx agrees to timely payment within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice.

Related to Claim or Litigation

  • Claim as used in this clause, means a written demand or written assertion by one of the contracting parties seeking, as a matter of right, the payment of money in a sum certain, the adjustment or interpretation of contract terms, or other relief arising under or relating to the contract. A claim arising under the contract, unlike a claim relating to the contract, is a claim that can be resolved under a contract clause that provides for the relief sought by the claimant. A voucher, invoice, or other routine request for payment that is not in dispute when submitted is not a claim. The submission may be converted to a claim by complying with the requirements of this clause, if it is disputed either as to liability or amount or is not acted upon in a reasonable time.

  • Litigation has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.13.

  • Third Party Claim has the meaning set forth in Section 10.3(a).

  • Proceeding means an action, claim, suit, investigation or proceeding (including, without limitation, an informal investigation or partial proceeding, such as a deposition), whether commenced or threatened.

  • Hearing means an oral hearing and includes a hearing conducted in whole or in part by video link, telephone or other means of instantaneous two-way electronic communication;