CJER definition

CJER means the Judicial Council’ Education Division Center for Judicial Education and Research, which is the Judicial Council organization administering the Program.
CJER means the Judicial Council’ Education Division Center for Judicial Education and Research, which is the Judicial Council organization administering the Program. ¶ ¶ Deleted: @day1, @Date1 Deleted: @day2, @Date2 Deleted: @ Deleted: @day@, @Date@ Deleted: @ Deleted: <#>@day of the Program will be @day@, @Date@ (also “Date @”).¶ Deleted: @ Deleted: @ Deleted: /Program Coordinator Deleted: @

Examples of CJER in a sentence

  • CJER sponsored training could be offered under Probate and Mental Health, Family Law Education or the Collaborative Courts Education committees.• The issues involved in Conservatorships range from Accounting issues to very serious Medical issues.

  • This could also be done for Probate Conservatorship Investigations/Reviews.• CASCI has discussed the idea of a working partnership with a CJER committee just as the Family Law Mediators/Custody evaluators attend AOC sponsored Trainings through CFCC.

  • Karen Thorson, director of the Education Division/Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER) and an NJC faculty member, won the Judicial Administra- tion Award which honors individuals for significant contributions to and leadership in the field of judicial administration.Hon.

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