SIR definition

SIR means the security interest register maintained under Part 8 of the Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012.

Examples of SIR in a sentence

  • Letter dated 8 September 1612, Henry Crout to Sir Percival Willoughby.

  • In conclusion, while I would firmly agree that the requirements of Article 17 of the Convention should be applied with strict scrutiny, the spirit in which that Article was drafted should be respected, and its relevance upheld.JOINT DISSENTING OPINION OF JUDGES FOIGHEL, LOIZOU AND Sir John FREELAND1.

  • In the early nineteenth century, Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed a scale for wind force based on the behavior of sailing ships.

  • It was proposed that Sir Andrew Burns, as a Co-opted Governor, independent to the City of London Corporation, therefore be appointed as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee with immediate effect and that the Chairman of the Board of Governors serve as Deputy Chairman of this body as has been the practice in previous years.

  • I will not Sir, After the Interview, I was told by the gentleman who held the Interview, that He did not feel that this young man was suited for the job, because he felt that he was too honest and seemed a church boy.When I conveyed this to the young Man he said that his reply was based on the fact that he was thinking that the Interviewer was trying to check on his integrity, and that if not He would have certainly said that he was willing to do it if the company was directing him to do so.

More Definitions of SIR

SIR means a security information report which is a YOI report submitted to the Security Team containing risk information and/or intelligence regarding a Young Person(s) that may impact upon the safety and/or security of the YOI. The Contractor's Staff are expected to contribute to SIRs and will be informed of relevant information contained within them;