Definition of Chusei Acquisition Agreement

Chusei Acquisition Agreement means that certain Stock Purchase Agreement dated September 19, 2014, by and among, Trecora Resources, Borrower, Chusei, and Schuman/Steir Holdings, LLC, together with all schedules, exhibits, and appendices thereto.

Examples of Chusei Acquisition Agreement in a sentence

The Chusei Acquisition shall have been consummated strictly in accordance with the terms of the Chusei Acquisition Agreement and the other Chusei Acquisition Documents, without any waiver or amendment not consented to by the Administrative Agent of any term, provision or condition set forth therein, and in compliance with all applicable requirements of Law.
The Administrative Agent shall have received evidence that all members, boards of directors, governmental, shareholder and material third party consents and approvals necessary in connection with the entering into of this Agreement, the other Loan Documents, and the Chusei Acquisition Agreement have been obtained.